PC won't boot

  bobfan 20:08 16 Jul 2006

I tend to leave my PC on most of the time recently been turning itself for no reason but when I go back to it is has not rebooted. The power is on & can hear the fans but there is a black screen and turning it off and back on again I get nothing not even the BIOS. I thought it may be the battery and replaced it but still the same. I have found that eventually tuning it off and back on again several times it will boot up fine. I have now disabled the automatic restart in the system tools. I have checked all the cables and they all seem fine. Could it be a motherboard problem?

  sean-278262 20:09 16 Jul 2006

What are the system specs? It is hard to say what the problem might be without knowing what you have. Also if you can tell us how old each part is as it could just be a sign of old age.

  Gongoozler 21:00 16 Jul 2006

If you turn the computer off and leave it off for a few minutes, does it then boot more reliably than if you turn it on immediately after turning it off?

  bobfan 23:00 16 Jul 2006

Here's the system specs

OS – Windows XP Pro SP2
Motherboard - ASROCK K7S8X 3.0
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
1024 MB RAM
Maxtor 80GB HD

System purchased Jan 2004 only change since then is additional RAM and a 2nd HD (the 250GB drive)

Gongoozler - makes no difference, left it off overnight and this morning couldn't get it going, only got it started tonight.

  wee eddie 00:00 17 Jul 2006

May not be of much use but is free and easy, therefor worth a try.

Re-seat all Cards and the RAM. If it were the Graphics Card you would get a "No signal" notice on your VDU. However, a bad connection or fault in the RAM might produce just such an effect.

  Gongoozler 06:51 17 Jul 2006

Hi bobfan. As leaving the computer off for a time makes no difference, it is unlikely that the problem is caused by overheating.

When the computer fails to boot, does it get as far as giving a POST beep?

  bobfan 07:00 17 Jul 2006

Wee eddie - I will give this a try, as you say won't cost anything!

Gongoozler - no I don't get a beep, just hear the fans & the lights on DVD/CD Rom drives flash.

  umbongo(uk) 07:40 17 Jul 2006

sounds to me like your graphics card is unseated..
also if this dosent work when you reseat the card remove your ram and only install one in at a time.. somtimes if both ram strips are by diffrent companys they dont get along ,especialy if you have them in dual channel mode check with motherboard manual on how to install as dual channel if they are both the same size chips and same manufacturer with the same cas latency ratings dual mode is normaly slot 1 and 3 also do a check on your motherboard website to see if the ram in you system is compatable with the motherboard

  Gongoozler 07:56 17 Jul 2006

Hi bobfan. If you don't even get a POST beep, then your problem isn't software related. Try reseating all the connectors as already suggested. If that doesn't help then you will have to determine which hardware component by elimination. First unplug all the drives - hard drives, optical drives and floppy drive. Still no POST, try unplugging all the PCI cards. Still no POST, remove all the memory, you should then get an error beep. Next try the graphics card, this should also give an error beep. Finally disconnect the front panel connectors except the power switch and case speaker, and unscrew the motherboard from the case and stand it on a sheet of card to isolate it from the case. If you still have no POST beep when the only remaining components are the motherboard, processor and PSU, then one of those is faulty. The easiest and cheapest to try first is the PSU. In fact you could try changing the PSU before all the other dismantling. You can get a PSU from Ebuyer for about £10. click here

  umbongo(uk) 20:34 18 Jul 2006

bobfan dont forget to keep us posted on your progress so we know its fixed or buggered and can then move on to the next poor soul in need lol

  bobfan 09:13 22 Jul 2006

Hi all

Sorry for my lack of replies this week but had a few problems!
I tried reseating the components and all seemed fine for a couple of days, doing a reboot from windows worked fine. Then 2 days ago the PC suddenly turned itself off while I was working on it, it was like someone had pulled the power lead out! I got it to reboot but within a few minuets the same thing happened and now I can't get it to boot no matter how many times I try. Hence the delay I am now on a different PC!
So in response to some of the above replies:-
I only have 1 stick of RAM – 1GB
I will happily try a new power supply (any idea what size I should go for? - 2 HD, DVD & CD burner, graphics card etc) but my only worry is that I hear the fan when I boot & can see the lights flashing on the CD & DVD drives which surly suggests they are getting power?
As always any advice would be most welcome!

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