monty34 15:42 10 Dec 2005

hi my motherboard light is on so i assume its working the cpu fan and case fan also work. I tried my hdd in an older pc and its working too. but in my current pc it wont boot up and my monitor stays blank, is the processor dead. everything was ok until yesterday, and has been for last 2 years. does anyone know what this is ? dont want to buy a new cpu unless i can prove this one is dead.

  phono 15:53 10 Dec 2005

With power off and the usual anti static precautions taken check all cards etc are correctly seated.

If there is still no boot then try a new PSU, fans and lights working does not guarantee a correctly working PSU.

Check that then post back.

  woodchip 16:27 10 Dec 2005

Yep it's the PSU to check first

  Number 7 16:31 10 Dec 2005

What happens when it tries to start?

Nothing at all, no single beep, no HD activity, or do you hear a single beep and notice some HD activity?

  monty34 17:36 10 Dec 2005

thanks for your replies, it makes single beep and can hear HD make a few clicks but monitor light is just on standby and screen blank, il check psu its 350w I thought if fan was workn then it would be ok.cheers

mobo=asus A7N8X-X

  howard63 17:38 10 Dec 2005

just a thought have you any usb devices plugged in? If so unplug them all and try again. This is a known fault and does not happen everytime a pc is switched back on. No known cure other than to unplug all usb devices when it will not start.

  monty34 17:53 10 Dec 2005

thanks howard 63 il try that have a couple of usb devices plugged in im usin my bros mac to acess this forum so il try it when i go home il post back later....cheers.

  woodchip 20:14 10 Dec 2005

If you get single beep the Power good is OK, that's the 5 volts Motherboard test. Take us back to the beginning on what you have done not done before all this happened

  Gandalph 01:39 11 Dec 2005


  Sharpamatt 06:46 11 Dec 2005

I think the first thing I would check is the Monitor.

  LivEviL 08:30 11 Dec 2005

i think its the monitor or the monitor output! i.e the graphics card! when u first start the pc does the fan stay on like its booting up but with the monitor switched off? check all the pins in ur monitor lead! if u have another monitor check it with that one good luck!

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