pc wont boot

  stevieb27 21:28 15 Mar 2005

hi folks
my son has pc with duron 1.3cpu,acorp 7a1647a motherboard and 6o gb excelstor hard drive.it refused to boot up today and is not even giving a beep.i thought hard drive was us and changed it for another drive that i know is working,still wont boot,ive also chhecked the voltages from power supply to motherboard and hard drive and they all appear to be ok.o/s windows xp home

any help would be appreciated thanks

Do the power lights light up?

Does anything come up on the monitor?

Remove all add in cards except for Graphics card and try to boot.

It could be failed RAM.

It could be a faile MOBO.

It could be a failed CPU. Try reseating the CPU, remember to reseat with thermal paste.

It could be a faulty power supply.

Good luck

  Michendi 00:12 16 Mar 2005

The best way to diagnose a problem like this is to do it in a very methodical way. The following steps are a practical guide to isolating the cause of the problem.

1. Swich off the power but don't disconnect the power lead. You will need the earth connection in the power lead to discharge static electricity from your body.
2. Discharge any static electricity in your body by touching anything that is earthed e.g. the computer case if it is metal or if it is plastic the nearest water pipes. Don't build up static electricity in your body by dragging your feet on the carpet etc... It is always best to wear a static dischard bracelet, but I assume that you probably don't have one.
3. Open the case.
4. Swich on the power and power up the PC and observe if everything appears to be working normally. e.g. Power suppy on; fan spinning; LED's on main board on; any other visual indicator lights that should be lit are lit.
5. If everything seems OK power down the PC and swich off the power at the wall socket.
6. Discharge your body static.
7. Remove each board. If you have White Spirits clean the contacts with the spirits and a cotton-bud. Blow-out the slot. Reseat the board and make sure that it clicks properly into place.
8. There are many types of memory (RAM) configarations. Make sure that whatever type you have is securely seated in its retainer. Don't remove the RAM just press it back into its seating.
9. Starting at the top-left work your way around the main board in a clockwise direction by unplugging and then immediately replugging all connections. WARNING: Not all connections are tabbed and it is possible to reverse connections, therefore always unplug and replug immediately.
10. Discharge your body static.
11. Press firmly on the top of the Main Processor ensuring that it is fully inserted into its seating.
12. Switch on the power and power up the PC.
13. If you still get absolutely nothing, and everything looks OK, then the most likely cause is that the BIOS has died.
14. If the BIOS is dead refer the problem to your PC supplier who will give you the best advice for your particular make and model.

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