pc won't boot

  scotbruce 17:29 03 Jun 2004

Son's old P3 500 won't boot. Power light comes on, but no post, drive noise or fan noise. Faint smell of burning, he says.

Gotta go round n fix it tomorrow.

Power supply u-s? But would the power light come on?

Any other suggestions?


  Charence 17:34 03 Jun 2004

If there's burning, its likely that it could be from the power supply. How many years is the computer? Maybe check the capacitors on the motherboard, check if they are burnt or leaking. Does the power light just flash and switch back off? If so I have also experienced this problem on a PIII 450.


  Fruit Bat 17:36 03 Jun 2004

Power light often fed off switch therefor prior to powersupply output.

Some power supplies have internal fuses. SWITCH OFF and UNPLUG before opening powersupply unit.

  scotbruce 17:38 03 Jun 2004

Thanx 4 the prompt reply - and for echoing my suspicions!

It's a good 4-5 years old, so my first shot will be simply replacing the power supply.

Anyone else with any other possibilities, just in case? Don't like to get blinkered about probs!

  scotbruce 10:56 04 Jun 2004

Help! Changed the power supply, but pc still totally dead. Front panel power light only, no post, no fan or drive noise, no nothing!

  ThePharcyde007 11:19 04 Jun 2004

Does the motherboard have 2 aux power supplys, mine has a small 4 pin CPU power supply aswell as the usual one.

  scotbruce 11:44 04 Jun 2004

No, unfortunately not.

  ThePharcyde007 14:19 04 Jun 2004

Just to clarify you have just removed old PSU and replaced with equivelent wattage? have you just tried connecting the hard drive up and not the cd-rom?

  scotbruce 16:22 10 Jun 2004

Blown chip. Hey ho.

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