PC with windows 7 comes on but will not work now

  dugit 14:15 20 Oct 2011

I have Medion p4101D windows 7 home.My PC started going slow occasionally a few weeks ago. What would happen for example when I clicked the mouse for something to happen the whole screen would often go like a white fog on top of what was on the monitor screen, also the cursor would be a small circle turning round and the PC usually just stuck like that. I would exit the screen by logging off. This sort of problem then started to happen more frequently until now the PC is unuseable. Today I have used F11 to take PC back to factory condition I get Windows 7 up but within a few minutes the mouse moves in jerky movements and I can't get anything to work. I've started in F8 safe mode mouse OK then moves in jumps but cannot click anything to happen. Have used start up and repair: result failed error code=0 X 490. Any suggestions please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 20 Oct 2011

Re do the factory reset you have nothing to lose.

  birdface 15:39 20 Oct 2011

have you tried last good configuration.

Can you get into device manager to see if any problems on there.

If you have a printer or anything else connected remove them and see if it makes any difference.

I have a medion computer and it starts really slow at times.I have to wait for it to start then close it and restart and then it works ok.

  Graphicool1 15:40 20 Oct 2011

If you can get back into 'Safe Mode' again, before the mouse starts jumping, do a 'System Restore' to back before all this started happening.

If not and you have a full Windows 7 disk try doing a 'System Repair'.

  dugit 18:21 20 Oct 2011

Thank you for replies so far have tried: 1. Have tried factory reset again ,same result. 2.When you do factory reset you lose all configurations, and system restore information. 3. Device manager I have no idea what I should look for? Will try any suggestions please?

  rdave13 18:32 20 Oct 2011

Can you go to 'computer' and right click the C: drive, properties, tools and check the drive for errors. Tick both boxes in the window that opens. The check starts on reboot.

  dugit 18:45 20 Oct 2011

Went back to look at my faulty computer and something had come up: American Megatrends then a few lines and at end it said : Port0 Device error

F1 to resume ???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 20 Oct 2011

Generally means your hard drive has died

Might be worth removing and refitting the cables to the drive or even swapping power and data cables.

  birdface 18:56 20 Oct 2011

I suppose the time and date were ok.

Have you tried the bios to make sure it is starting with the proper drive,

Device manager will show yellow exclamation marks if any of the drivers need updating.

  dugit 10:37 22 Oct 2011

Unable to do anything with PC now so: 1. I intend to get a Hard drive replacement (present one is 1TB serial ATA2 interface), what do I have to be careful about when buying a replacement ?

  1. My Medon PC has a recovery disc Windows 7 Home Premium (Medion AG) the Instruction Manual I have does not mention how to use this disc?

Any replies on the above two questions will be appreciated.

  birdface 11:05 22 Oct 2011

Contact medion if you can and see what they can do.

If bought from Aldi stores you will have a 3 year warranty with it.

Have you tried the Back to factory settings again to see if it will work again.

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