PC will play DVD but not CD

  TraceP 20:53 03 Jan 2008

DVD's play but CD's won't

Is there anyone who can offer any advice as my PC will play DVD's but will not play a CD & also can't copy files to blank disc.

With DVD it automatically plays through 'Power DVD' and the CD should come up via Windows Media Player but you can hear the driver and see the light flashing but nothing happens.

When trying to save a file or doc to blank disc it bring up message asking to insert disc although one is already in the drive

Would appreciate any assistance


  mrwoowoo 21:43 03 Jan 2008

I believe the drives use a seperate lazer for cd and dvd,so it seems your cd lazer is shot as they don't last forever.
At least they are not too dear to replace.

  TraceP 22:12 03 Jan 2008

Thanks for your advice I have uninstalled / reinstall the driver and it tells device is working properly. Would it still say this if the laser for CD wasn't working?

May seem like dumb question but do you replace the whole driver or can the laser be replaced?

  [email protected] 22:24 03 Jan 2008

if laser problem,you will need to replace the whole drive.
Can you borrow one to try to rule out software or o/s glitch?

Couple of things to try
my computer>right click the drive >properties>autoplay tab>drop down menu,select music cd and select program to play it auto.
same again
check recording tab,look for enable cd recording is checked.

also autofix
click here

  TraceP 22:39 03 Jan 2008

Had already checked the autoplay & thats all as should be.

Just tried the autofix but at the end of if I get message device is either malfunctioning or wizard is underable to determine problem.

Being the the DVD is working it problem probably does lie with the CD laser as disc is going round as if trying to be read.

I have just look on internet and they are fairly inexpensive and theres even a video guide on a website on how to change it.

Do appreciate the help offered. Think am more frustrated by the fact that just got an Ipod and can import my CD's into ITunes at the mo

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