PC will only start on VGA

  mairaltwo 15:17 03 Mar 2011

I just got a used PC from a friend. Worked OK in his house yesterday! Its got an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.44ghz CPU, 2 gig ram, 150gig HD split 41.6 +107.BUT, I can only start XP home in safe mode or VGA enabled. It only runs on 640 x 480, 8bit. If I try to alter this, the monitor goes blank & its green light goes off. If I try to start XP normally, it runs to the flash screen twice, then monitor turns off!
My other PC on same monitor will only run at 800x 600 32bit. Both PCs on a KVM switch, but tried running new one alone, same result.
Any ideas please? Thought I'd got a bargain, but now??? Thanks in advance, Al

  johndrew 15:36 03 Mar 2011

Have you checked inside for card integrity? Are they all seated correctly?

Vibration whilst transporting a PC can easily cause a graphics (or other) card to move giving poor connections. Make certain the PC is disconnected from the mains supply, earth yourself on the chassis and remove reseat the graphics card(s).

When it is completely reassembled try it again and let us know what you get.

  mairaltwo 15:53 03 Mar 2011

Thanks. Just tried that, all seem firm. Same result when I turned back on.

  Peter Lanky 16:00 03 Mar 2011

Have you considered setting it up in safe or VGA mode (so it actually works), and then downloading a driver for the graphics?

Is it onboard graphics or dedicated card? If the former, it will be a driver for the motherboard, and if the latter, a driver for the specific card.

This is all guesswork or course.

  mairaltwo 16:13 03 Mar 2011

Thanks.Its a NVIDIA Geforce 8400GS card. Just rang previous owner, he says all drivers are up to date, he went over everything while clearing his stuff off before selling.

  lotvic 16:21 03 Mar 2011

Look in Device Manager for any problems.

Are you sure he didn't reinstall XP and forgot to get and then install motherboard and other drivers?

  mairaltwo 16:27 03 Mar 2011

Thanks. tried that, all looks OK

  mairaltwo 17:36 03 Mar 2011

He says he never reinstalled XP

  mairaltwo 18:29 03 Mar 2011

Thanks everyone. Eventually, I uninstalled the Graphics card, restarted, then got Windows to look for a driver. It found one, & all seems OK. Funny how it all worked yesterday a few miles away, then wouldn't work today??

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