pc will only start in safe mode

  Ronnie-208308 21:49 13 Feb 2004

i have a problem, my pc only starts in safe mode, how do i disable safe mode?

cheers ron 1

  woodchip 21:56 13 Feb 2004

What Operating System 98se ME 2000 XP or what

  woodchip 22:04 13 Feb 2004

So you have windows ME by E-Mail. Have you a Full WinME CD or is it a Restore CD disc

  gudgulf 22:05 13 Feb 2004

How long has this been happening?
Have you made any changes to your hardware or software recently?
What exactly is your hardware/software?-without knowing that we cant be much help.

  woodchip 22:10 13 Feb 2004

Just try this when starting your computer keep pressing on and of the F8 key when you get the list choose normal mode startup and see what happens

  woodchip 22:19 13 Feb 2004

Via E-Mail
Dear Ron 1
Not that I do not want to help but if you post to the thread you started you may get help that I miss out on, but I am trying to work at this in a Logical Manner to resolve your Problem. So this is what I would do next, Let it start in safe mode, when you get int windows Go to Start button Run and type in the Box MSCONFIG then press enter, go to the startup tab and you will see box's with ticks in, remove the ticks from the box's other than System Tray and Explorer then try restarting your computer
PS I will post this E-Mail in thread so others know what's going on

  gudgulf 22:39 13 Feb 2004

Dont know if this is of any help as its quite old,but have a look at click here

  Ronnie-208308 22:44 13 Feb 2004

woodchip, i have tried your solution, no joy stiil in safe mode

  gudgulf 22:49 13 Feb 2004

Have you tried using system restore?--This will run in safe mode.

  Ronnie-208308 22:53 13 Feb 2004

tried system restore, still no joy, solution at microsoft no good i havent used norton

  woodchip 22:56 13 Feb 2004

Then this is what I would do, download a win98se oem disc from click here then put a clean floppy disc in the computer double click the download to create the boot disc. Now Put the winME CD in computer and shut down, restart the computer with the Win98se boot disk in the comp the BIOS should be set to start with the Floppy disc as the first boot device. when it ask's how you want to start choose start with CD-ROM support, it will load CD drivers and it will change the CD drive letter that you normaly use if it was say D:\ it will now be E:\ so type the new CD letter like this X:\ press enter X is the letter of your CD drive you should know what this is then type setup and it should load WinME over its self. This will no harm your files

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