PC will not switch on - PSU failure?

  davepatrickl 16:26 18 Jul 2010


I just loaded up BioShock on my pc and while it was loading, the pc switched off with no warning. It now won't switch back on. When I press the power supply button, nothing whatsoever happens. However, power is still being obtained from the pc for anything plugged in via USB.

My pc is a custom built Eclipse pc and this has happened previously - the issue was PSU failure which Eclipse then replaced. Can I assume that the same has happened again and I just need to get a new PSU? Is there any way I can check this?

Also, if buying a new PSU, what do I need to consider - what drives the PSU specification?


  northumbria61 23:01 18 Jul 2010

You say Eclipse replaced the PSU. Is your PC still within Warranty? If so you need to be contacting whoever built/supplied it for you.

If not then the only way to check the PSU is to fit another one - borrow one if you can before spending any money.

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  Dragon_Heart 01:06 19 Jul 2010

........ or via a powered external hub ?

If your PC IS out of warranty and if you know 100%what you’re doing, AND ONLY IF YOU DO, you could check the power outputs from the PSU with a tester. Remember the PSU may only put out a few volts to your PC but that PSU is connected to 240v @ 30 amp.

Can you still see the fan working in the PSU ?

Can you hear the fan for the CPU ?

Power-supply troubleshooting with a multimeter click here

  davepatrickl 08:05 19 Jul 2010

My PC is no longer within warranty so Eclipse won't fix it. The USB's are plugged direct into the PC, not via a powered external hub. As for testing the power outputs, I most definitely don't know what I am doing so probably not the best option. Also, I can't hear the fan for PSU or CPU - when I press the button, nothing happens....silence.

I'm quite happy to have a go at replacing it but my main concern is that I don't end up buying an incompatible PSU. My current PSU spec according to Eclipse is:
PSU : P 4 ATX 500W CE Power Supply

Can I simply go and buy an ATX power supply and install this?

  Dark Mantis 12:03 19 Jul 2010

Before you go and relace the PSU have you thought about checking the fuse and making sure the lead is plugged in properly? If both of them are alright then open the pc case and remove the cable from the motherboard that has 24 connections (usually long and white. Look at the connector that comes from the psu and locate the GREEN wire and any BLACK wire. Short these out using a paperclip or similar. If the psu starts then it is working if not relace it. Simples!

  onthelimit 13:37 19 Jul 2010

If you decide to replace, as long as the new one is the same physical size and has at least a 500W supply it'll be fine.
However, although the PV is out of warranty, how long since the PSU was replaced? If not too long, Eclipse may do the right thing and change it again. Worth asking (nicely).

  onthelimit 13:37 19 Jul 2010

Where's the edit button!

  woodchip 14:02 19 Jul 2010

The replacement PSU should have full warranty

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