PC Will not start up

  iscanut 18:35 20 Oct 2010

My desktop has just suddenly refused to boot up. Was OK a couple of hours ago! It goes through the usual BIOS and POST routines and then goes to the WIN XP loading screen and there it stays with the blue bars moving across. Will not go any further. When starting up in Safe Mode, a screen full of drivers are shown and again, it just stops at the end of this first screen and does not go any further. I do not know why this is or what I can do next. Any ideas ?

  rawprawn 19:04 20 Oct 2010
  dunc1234 20:44 20 Oct 2010

the other link above is good for over installing XP, do ensure you don't press the first R for recovery, when you come to the windows setup it should show a "previous" installation of Windows and then give the R option to repair. if it doesn't then your hard drive is dodgy and you have lost any info you had on there.

if it is on there then its corrupted and the repair option should work, you will need to enter your windows key so make sure thats on the side of the pc and readable, 8 and b look very similar.

causes for your problem are dodgy hard drives in the main but dodgy psu's and memory can do the same and iffy software.

  iscanut 22:09 20 Oct 2010

Further investigation shows that the Hard Drive activity light stops showing at the same time as computer hangs so possibly a hard drive problem ? Will have to check out hardware and will post back if and when I get a solution.

  birdface 22:20 20 Oct 2010

How old is the computer just thinking it maybe the Cmoss battery.Was it loosing any time.
or maybe check the air vents for dust and fluff.if so inside will need cleaning out.
That has been happening lately with some of the Microsoft updates doing the same to other computers.

  iscanut 12:07 21 Oct 2010

PC is nearly 3 years old. All very clear and clean inside and fans working OK ( both the processor and graphics card ).

  birdface 12:22 21 Oct 2010

I don't suppose you it will let you into Command prompt in safe mode or Last good configuration.

click here

  iscanut 16:27 21 Oct 2010

Safe mode starts and then stops after a screen load of driver info and will go no further. Looks like the hard drive starts for a short while and then stops ! Will be getting professional help soon to try and diagnose problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:10 22 Oct 2010

Hard drive stops because "windows" is hanging

i.e. corrupt file probably a driver file

Do the repair as shown by rawpranw's link.

  iscanut 21:33 07 Nov 2010

Did a repair but then bit the bullet and installed Win7 via an upgrade disk. All now OK.

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