pc will not start

  LANDCRUISER 19:46 06 Jul 2008

anyone know whats gone wrong,xp home pc will not start up,i change the cpu speed from the lower speed to the higher speed & the pc will not start up,tryed mesh recovery disc & ghost disc trying to get pc to boot up but nothing,its even stoped the draw opening up on the cd burning tray please help

  woodchip 19:55 06 Jul 2008

Try getting into BIOS tap Del as computer starts. Have a look to see if the CD drive still shows. You can also remove the CD while in BIOS. or in Windows right click the CD dvd drive and choose Eject

  LANDCRUISER 19:58 06 Jul 2008

hi woodchip cannot get anything from pc have tryed tapping del nothing all i get is that the orange & green lights are on,nothing on screen at all

  woodchip 21:52 06 Jul 2008

You could try removing the BIOS battery for a few hours the refit and try to get to BIOS with the Del key when it starts and set defaults

  woodchip 21:53 06 Jul 2008

May be a coincidence but the PSU may have gone

  LANDCRUISER 12:04 07 Jul 2008

hi woodchip will try removing battery,how can you check the psu

  ronalddonald 12:14 07 Jul 2008

unplugge the power and taken out the laptop battery.

Now try pressing the power button for about a minute or too. Nothing will happen but ty it. Now put the power bcak on and plug in the laptop battery.

C if this resolves the issue.

Good luck in you mission

  LANDCRUISER 12:19 07 Jul 2008

hi ronalddonald, its a desktop,but i trying now what woodchip has said

  woodchip 13:50 07 Jul 2008

Only true way to test the PSU is by Substitution

  LANDCRUISER 14:06 07 Jul 2008

well woodchip i dont think i will be able to do that as its getting on a bit now it must be 7yrs old now,i did have a look at it & removed quiet a bit of dust,i goinging to put battery back now & hope its sorted it

  woodchip 14:12 07 Jul 2008

Removing the battery restore the BIOS default settings. You may have to reset somethings if its not quite right. Hope it starts

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