pc will not start

  Roland Butter 15:24 20 Nov 2004

looked inside pc to investigate noise from fan. removed cpu fan/heatsink assembly. replaced fan etc and switched machine back on. PC has power, but no picture and no beeps at start up. Any idea what I've done or not done?

  snowy30 15:28 20 Nov 2004

Re: PC has no power and no beeps at start up?

Make sure the plugs inside are connected right.

  kairra3 15:56 20 Nov 2004

also make sure graphics card and memory modules have not been disturbed,give them a push down to make sure

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 20 Nov 2004

'removed cpu fan/heatsink'

Check cpu fully inserted in socket, check heatsink fully over cpu, did you use more heat transfer compound when you refitted the heatsink? Hopefully you haven't fried the cpu.

  ACOLYTE 16:06 20 Nov 2004

Even if the cards and ram wasnt seated you should still get the beep telling you,did you remove fan from heat sink? and did you put the fan back the right way round.Did you earth yourself before going in the cae maybe you blew somthin,think you mat have nudged the g card out but it should still beep.Also when you removed heatsink fan did you put the heat compound back on as if you remove that it may run hot without new compound.

  Roland Butter 17:59 20 Nov 2004

i have checked that everything is pushed back in. I did not disturb the heatsink to fan, just removed the two fold down clips and lifted the fan and cpu away. I re-located the pins carefully when re-seating the cpu/fan but am not sure that it is a snug fit. Although, it can only fit one way (pin arrangement). As for earthing myself !!! I only like like chips fried - so I'll hope that I can find something else as the cause. Help guys!

  alan227 18:23 20 Nov 2004

Does the motherboard have a led light to say their is power coming to it.

  Roland Butter 21:38 20 Nov 2004

don't think so. I mean don't think it's something I've seen before

  Soapy8 21:55 20 Nov 2004

It is possible to put the heatsink and fan on the wrong way and fry the cpu. believe me, I've done it. Have you tried a bare board boot. Disconnect the power to the cd rom, floppy and hard drives, then switch on and see if it will post.

  alan227 11:45 21 Nov 2004

When you switch on do you get the power light on the front of the computer case light up.

  Roland Butter 17:20 21 Nov 2004

tried removing all (hd drive/dvd/cd/modem/graphics.
all that happens is the fan weers away quietly. Strange really 'cause the noisy fan - now apparently from the graphics card - was the cause of me taking the beast apart in the first place!! .It's off to the pc medical centre tomorrow and if I know my luck I'll be the proud owner of a new mother board and cpu soon! I suppose there must be other people who have fried things other than fish!
Thanks for your help anyhow.

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