pc will not start up

  nosure 18:39 19 Apr 2004

hi there can someone help.
the problem is that my friends pc will not start up, when you switch it on it it goes straight to the screen that gives you the choice to start normally or in safe mode,when you try to start in normal mode it takes you to the screen that you see before windows starts (windows xp home edition) with the green bar then it flashes blue and goes back to the same screen.it wont go any further than that.she has recently installed avg and zone alarm, when she ran avg it found 2 virus's and it got rid of them but since then it has been acting funny and now it wont go past the start page.
it runs win xp home
cpu type pentium 4 (r)
cpu speed 1:36ghz
system memery 128mb
can any body help please

  Rayuk 18:41 19 Apr 2004

Does it start in safe mode?

  nosure 00:24 20 Apr 2004

hi no i wont it just does the same thing

  nosure 00:25 20 Apr 2004

hi i can get in to the BIOS no probs but thats all

  Rayuk 19:11 20 Apr 2004

click here
For the WinXP Recovery console.

  nosure 23:07 20 Apr 2004

hi i was talking to my mate today and he was wanting me to reformat his hard drive, because he has got all his work backed up.
could you please tell me how to do this as i am not totaly sure

  Rayuk 17:25 21 Apr 2004

You can do this during the instal of WinXP.

  Rayuk 17:29 21 Apr 2004

Perhaps this may be of more use to you than my last post.Fdisk and formatting
click here

  nosure 23:30 26 Apr 2004

i went over the stuff in the link's you sent but when i went over to my mate's and turned on the pc all that happend was it went to a black screen and said error loading operating system
i put in the win xp disk and went to the recovery it then ask's which windows installation would you like to log onto.
im no sure what to put in. could someone please tell me

  Rayuk 18:26 27 Apr 2004

I would presume it is 1

  nosure 21:02 27 Apr 2004

thats what i thought but i try'd that it just goes to D:WINDOWS> thats as far as it goes

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