pc will not shut down?

  shaggysiuk 20:54 28 May 2009

I have norton endpoint malwarebytes removal and registry checker they all seem to be fine but my pc wont shut down now it just freezes when i go to shut down resulting in having to hold the button down to shut it down also its running a lot slower now also and freezing its a newish machine with a lot of processor and ram

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 28 May 2009

Shutdown problems
click here
click here
click here

  shaggysiuk 21:44 28 May 2009

i cant click on any of my desktop icons when i try to it does nothing but the endpoint protection box in the task bar flashes orange

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:59 28 May 2009

You need to stop Norton from doing a scan on shutdown

  shaggysiuk 23:32 28 May 2009

I stopped the norton scan it let me use the desktop icons
but there again ive been running scan on start up for months as i get hundreds of trojans a day sent to my computer
anyway the same problem when i click on shut down the cursor still moves but i cant do anything with it cant open or close anything etc and the pc does nt begn to shut down just hangs

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:17 29 May 2009

Operating system? XP or Vista?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:22 29 May 2009

To check your Windows Vista protected files:
1/ Click the Start button

2/ From the Start Menu, Click All programs followed by Accessories

3/ In the Accessories menu, Right Click on the Command Prompt option

4/ From the drop down menu that appears, Click on the 'Run as administrator' option

5/ If you have the User Account Control (UAC) enabled you will be asked for authorisation prior to the command prompt opening. You may simply need to press the Continue button if you are the administrator or insert the administrator password etc.

6/ In the Command Prompt window, type: sfc /scannow and then press Enter

7/ A message will appear stating that 'the system scan will begin'

8/ Be patient because the scan may take some time

9/ If any files require replacing SFC will replace them. You may be asked to insert your Vista DVD for this process to continue

10/ If everything is okay you should, after the scan, see the following message "Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations"

11/ After the scan has completed, Close the command prompt window

Repair XP by replacing corrupt files
1/ Click the Start button

2/ Run

sfc /scannow

in the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive.

sfc /scannow problems
click here

  shaggysiuk 22:03 29 May 2009

ive tried sfc scanow as im on xp pro
it has certainly speeded things up and also tried system restore
but that didnt work either because i cant shut down still it just hangs
also when i turn the printer on a wireless hp all in one this freezes the pc too

  eric_bloodaxe 22:27 29 May 2009

i don't know what is wrong with your pc but it is well documented that pc and printer both have high resource demands on startup so keep the printer off until after the puter has booted then launch the printer to avoid conflicts. In the past I have had conflicts between different security apps running simultaneously so maybe you need to shut some down and run them selectively in each others abscence.

  woodchip 22:37 29 May 2009

Check the Windows Close Sound File is not Corrupt, by Disabling it in control panel under sounds

  shaggysiuk 22:46 29 May 2009

how do you disable this ive found it in sounds and it is the only one that doesnt have a loudspeaker icon next to it ?
but dont see what i can do with it , i take it its the close program sound your talking about on the list

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