PC will not power on after mouse got hot

  Brazils 11:28 23 Jul 2006

I am experienced with PC's to the point that I would attempt most hardware replacements etc. I can solve most problems, but not this one!

This morning my PC just powered off, and after a few attempts it rebooted. I rebooted to a last stable system point.

Worked fine for a short time but I could smell a hot electrical problem. Traced the smell to the optical mouse. Very hot! Then I did a silly thing, I pulled the connector out of the mouse port on my PC. It instanty went off. I have not managed to get it to restart.

I have removed all the connecting hardware and took the side off. When I turn on the power the power light on the front comes on and then fades out. The motherboard (Asus P4S8X)has a green power light on, but oddly the AGP warning light is on. I even swapped out the graphics card (I have a spare one), but the light is still on. I tried booting without the monitor, keyboard, mouse and even a graphics card, but nothing. Dead! No fans nothing.

Obviously I have power, so have I fried the motherboard? Would pulling out the mouse do this?
I am really annoyed with myself.

Any ideas? Thanks.


  rodriguez 11:42 23 Jul 2006

It's strange how this was caused by pulling out a mouse, but the mouse is connected to the board anyway so it could have blown it. Try another power supply first in case it's that, but if it still doesn't work it's most likely to be the board.

  Brazils 11:53 23 Jul 2006

So it could be the power supply, even though I have lights on the motherboard showing power. I will have to buy a new one to try, so i just want to confirm it could still be the power supply. The motherboard is ATX

I am surprised myself that I could have caused this by pulling out a mouse. Do you think the original power down was a symptom of a dodgy power supply?

Why do you think the AGP warning light is on? I've checked the manual and it states it is lit if the wrong voltage card is fitted. This is definitely not the case.

Thanks for the advice.


Thanks again

  lbakyl 12:13 23 Jul 2006

It seems that u just finished it. You did not write from where the computer is, or if you have built it by yourself, but it seems that the power supply is a big s**t (such as Eurocase, KWE, Ebuyer etc.) and you will have to replace it. However, what often happens is that together with the PSU it is possible that the motherboard is gone as well (and even other components!). Buy a good power supply (i.e. from Fortron, OCZ, Enermax, Chieftec, etc.) and try it. Hopefully the motherboard will be ok. And note - never disconnect or connect anything from PC when it is running unless it is USB (and even there you can experience problems if you do not disconnect it properly using OS). Good luck

  amonra 13:37 23 Jul 2006

I have my doubts about it being power supply, I'd be more inclined towards a faulty M/B. Possible damage done by short-circuit in the mouse, ie. burned section of the printed cct on the M/B. Just a thought. No way of determining the true fault without swopping bits. Obviously the easiest thing to change is the PU, try it first and see what happens, you've got nowt to lose. Good luck.

  Brazils 15:24 23 Jul 2006

OK I've popped to PC world and got a new Power Supply (£40). Swapped it, but no change :-(

Should the fans on the power supply run? The power light on the motherboard lights, but the fans on the power supply don't move. I'm sure the ATX motherboard controls the power supply, so maybe the this is right. PS completely dead.

I tried to test the power supply by disconnecting it from the motherboard and leaving it just connected to a hard drive. Nothing!

Looks like the MB is shot eh?

  rodriguez 15:29 23 Jul 2006

It looks like you need a new board. The motherboard does control when the power supply comes on as the power button is connected to the motherboard. At least you have a nice new power supply to use on it - all you need now is a new board. Just check the spec of the old one first to make sure all your existing components will fit the new one, e.g the CPU, graphics card and RAM.

  Brazils 15:46 23 Jul 2006

Yep. Worth a try, shame it didn't work.

Any recommendations for a replacement board. My current is a ASUS P4S8X. Pentium 4 2.53mhz, AGP 8X, 1.5 gig of DDR 2700. Not long bought 1 gig from crucial!

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