Pc will not post

  LANDCRUISER 13:30 12 Nov 2008

hello folks,having problem with pc,windows xp home will not post,no sound at all when started but both lights are lit up at the front & will not start with mesh disc & will not start with norton ghost 10 any help welcomed

  MAJ 13:36 12 Nov 2008

You can get the disk drives to open, take a disk and close, LANDCRUISER?

  LANDCRUISER 14:02 12 Nov 2008

hi MAJ what do you mean? have tried loading disc but nothing happens

  johndrew 14:16 12 Nov 2008

Is it possible that your HDD (or one of them if you have more than one) has either become corrupt or failed.

I suggest you disconnect your HDD (both or all) and try booting from a CD (Mesh or Norton). If this works it is likely to be a HDD problem. If not it could be motherboard or PSU.

Try the above and post back.

  LANDCRUISER 14:26 12 Nov 2008

hi johndrew,just tried what you said still nothing,also noticed the screen saying no signal i dont no if this has anything to do with it

  canarieslover 14:31 12 Nov 2008

Could be graphics card is not making a good connection in the slot but you should still get a beep. Memory failure too should produce a beep. Main culprit in this case is likely to be PSU or motherboard.

  LANDCRUISER 14:35 12 Nov 2008

hi canarieslover,have resetted all cards,i amm getting orange & green lights lighting up at the front of pc,somone told me if this is lit the the psu is ok

  Taff™ 14:50 12 Nov 2008

Not true I`m afraid.

  LANDCRUISER 15:31 12 Nov 2008

hi taff,thats bad news then,anyone have anything i can try or have i beaten all the experts

  Taff™ 15:43 12 Nov 2008

It could be that the PSU has blown and taken the motherboard with it. As johndrew suggested unplug every HDD and Optical Drive and see if you get a post. If not I would borrow a working PSU from another system and try that with just the main HDD connected, no CD drives or floppy. If that doesn`t work you`re probably going to think about a new system.

If you can`t borrow a PSU, remove the existing one and get it tested. Your local PC repair shop might be the best bet because they`ll have the right equipment to test both PSU and motherboard.

  LANDCRUISER 15:47 12 Nov 2008

hi taff,have tryed what johndrew said & nothing,if nothing works here then will take pc to be tested

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