PC will not post

  wobblymike 14:05 10 Aug 2005

I wish to test my thinking with this problem
I have fitted a very swish MOBO to a case, wired it up, connected graphics card, RAM, hard drive etc. On switch on keyboard lights flash, CPU fan spins, all the usual noises come from hard drive but monitor does not boot, nothing else happens except the mobo announces (in a very annoying american accent) "system fails to boot up" (this is a voice system that replaces the beeps). I have replaced, graphics card, hard drive and cpu no joy. The only thing I have not changed is the RAM stick which is 1 x PC 2100 DDR RAM. The crucial memory finder says the memory should be PC2700. I know the PC2100 stick works because it is fine in another PC, my question is would a Pc2100 RAM stop the board posting if it should be PC 2700?
Any other ideas welcome.
PS Monitor fine

  sil_ver 15:18 10 Aug 2005

You should tell us what mobo you are running as this will tell us what RAM it supports you could try moving the RAM to a different slot. Also, you might try resetting CMOS as it can sometimes get confused with a new setup

  woodchip 15:23 10 Aug 2005

Take out all Drives or disconnect them and all cards exept Graphics, then try to boot to BIOS

  wobblymike 16:26 10 Aug 2005

sil_ver - I'll try your CMOS suggestion this evening I have tried the RAM chip in all 3 slots no joy - the mobo is ASUS MOTHERBOARD A7V8X which the crucial memory finder says requires Pc2700 RAM - the stick in it is PC2100 would this stop it booting?

woodchip - have tried your suggestion - nothing, I still get "system fails to boot up" every 3 seconds

  woodchip 16:34 10 Aug 2005

Check that Clear CMOS jumper is in Run position, normaly near motherboard battery three pins with jumper on two

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 10 Aug 2005

possible otherboard short to earth.

remove board from case place on insulated surface (dry paper) connect psu, g card and memory attempt to switch on by quick short of pins to start switch.

Does it boot?

  wobblymike 06:32 11 Aug 2005

Fruit Bat /\0/Tried your suggestion - exactly the same no boot

Can anyone answer my question - will a PC2100 stick (which is serviceable) stop a board requiring PC2700 from booting?

Your CPU is running at which FSB? Are there any dipswitches/pins for selecting the FSB via hardware (mobo) or through BIOS? Maybe deselect AUTO detect and try booting as one suggestion. Otherwise borrow or buy some faster RAM (if buying go for PC3200).

  €dstowe 07:04 11 Aug 2005

Most motherboards are finicky, ASUS boards, particularly so and only operate correctly if they are fitted with the correct components why don't you at least try the correct type of memory? It may be the answer to all of your problems.

I have one machine with an ASUS M/B which will only operate with Samsung memory. Other brands of the same type result in the message "System failed power on self test". I found this out only after contacting ASUS.

  wobblymike 09:54 11 Aug 2005

Spook Tooth (Exiled-Gamers.co.uk)and €dstowe

Thanks for your thoughts - I can't do anything with BIOS because the thing won't boot!! I have checked all the jumper settings and they are as per the manual FSB is 333Mhz

I am going to try PC2700 I'm waiting for a stick to arrive as a matter of interest I tried this morning a different PC2100 stick no difference.

  wobblymike 19:18 11 Aug 2005


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