pc will not load modem drivers??

  shortcircuit 21:00 21 May 2004

I have a self built system containing;
AsRock 810lmr
256 133 Crucial ram SDrAM
350w psu.
running Me.

The problem started when I changed the Hard drive from an old 4gig to a new 60GB Excelstor and fitted a 52x burner.

Then I loaded xp pro on to the new HD and all went well, except the CMR modem was showing an error.

I then found that it was a driver error. I loaded the new driver off the net and the yellow icon on the device manager disappeared. when I tried the modem it kept on saying it was idle and then a hardware fault.

I then installed it and tried a modem from an other pc (Pc world netdragen) This also failed to load and said it was a code 10( which means reinstall). I tried another one with the same problem.

What would cause this. Do you think it could be the hard drive? Or has the mobo developed a fault?


Thanks all.

  sicknote 21:29 21 May 2004

Is the CMR Enabled in the Bios ??

  shortcircuit 21:32 21 May 2004

Can not find that facility. have tried the original cmr and 2 pci modems. nomne will load drivers fully.

  sicknote 21:37 21 May 2004

In the bios go to Advanced and then look for Onboard MC 97 modem should be set to Auto

  shortcircuit 23:03 21 May 2004

Yep is set to auto. have tried all setting to no avail. Could this be a faulty mobo ?

  gudgulf 23:14 21 May 2004

If other pci cards work then it is unlikely to be the motherboard.The problem might be the modem drivers---how old were the modems you used?

Also which version of windows are you using--Me or Xp-pro?

  shortcircuit 07:42 22 May 2004

All the drivers are brand new. The pci modems will not work either. They fail to load the drivers half way and I then get a code 10 error message.

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