PC will not detect connected phone via USB

  San Alwigi 14:21 19 Dec 2005

I run Windows XP Professional and Outlook 2003. My Sony Ericsson P900 PDA phone connected trouble free via USB cradle until recently. I could synch Outlook contact and calendar via Sony Ericsson's PC Suite.

Now, although the SE phone monitor starts to pulse when I place the phone in the cradle, it never actually detects the phone and says it is not connected. Hence I cannot synch anymore. What could have caused this?
Have already tried re-installing Sony E's PC Suite. Any help most appreciated,


  €dstowe 14:44 19 Dec 2005

Do you have a different USB socket you could plug it in to?

  San Alwigi 17:06 19 Dec 2005

Nice idea, tried it, unfortunately same thing.

  brambles 11:36 20 Dec 2005

I have just purchased a new SE 600i and am fortunate that it connects to the PC via USB cable. However with my previous SE T610 I could never get this to work.

I am now a converted Bluetooth person. Clearly your SE has bluetooth - if your PC doesn't then why not do what I did and buy a USB Dongle - the connection works incredibly well and it's cable free.

PS They are super phones


  San Alwigi 20:19 20 Dec 2005

Yes, I thought about that and it may be the way I have to go.

Frustrating though, isn't it? There must be a reason why the USB connection process should suddenly stop working. I'd love to know why!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 20 Dec 2005

Uninstall all USB root hubs in device manager.

Scan for hardware changes and let XP reinstall the USB drivers.

  San Alwigi 23:23 20 Dec 2005

...but unfortunayely still the same problem. The phone connection link icon in my taskbar pulses continuously as soon as the phone is placed in the cradle, but the PC fails to actually detect the phone. The SE PC Suite software shows the phone greyed out and says "not connected".
Any other suggestions? Anyone?


  jimmer409® 06:43 21 Dec 2005

just an idea, i use a nokia 6230i via bluetooth, but you must set the phone to be visible to all, look in connectivity on your phone

  San Alwigi 12:59 25 Jan 2006

Got a dongle for a few quid and Bob's yer uncle. Thanks for all the help

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