PC Will not boot!

  mikeystipe 20:41 17 Jul 2009

Have a PC that will not boot.

Had assumed that the power supply was the problem but having replaced it still have no power.

PC does not even start. Have eliminated the obvious - cable changed,etc.

I have had to use a 200W supply rather than the original 400w supply.

Any other suggestions as to how to determine power up failure (Or should I just go ahead and by a new 400W supply?)

Thanks in advance,

  baldydave 21:44 17 Jul 2009

If a 400w psu was used as standard,i would say with a 200w you have no chance of starting pc,are there no signs of live at all.
Sorry for this, please dont take offence but have you made sure power at wall socket,power at end of cable from socket to back of pc.
Could it a the on/power switch faulty,check by removing on/off switch power cable on motherboard(tiny square connectors)you will see two pins, now with power to pc,short the exposed pins for a second or so with metal paper clip or similar pc should start.

  mikeystipe 20:36 18 Jul 2009

Dave, Thanks for response.
I have checked the obvious but you're right to ask!

I had begun to suspect the motherboard so will check that. Suspect that I am going to have to bite the bullet and by a new 400W PSU.

Will let you know how I get on.

  Technotiger 20:54 18 Jul 2009

Could be something as simple as a dead mobo battery.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:19 18 Jul 2009

Strip and restart.

motherboard, cpu, fan,

1 stick of ram and graphics card (if not onboard graphcs) and retry.

should boot to error message - if not change ram stick and retry.

  rdave13 23:21 18 Jul 2009

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ but try original PSU. Might be ram faiure. 200W not good enough.

  mikeystipe 21:35 19 Jul 2009

Looking for clarification.

Are you saying replace 1 stick of RAM/Graphics Card?
I have additional RAM in another that I could substitute if RAM is the problem.

re:Motherboard battery then presumbaly this is the CMOS battery.

Apologies if being dim!

Your help is appreciated - Thanks.

  cream. 21:41 19 Jul 2009

"Are you saying replace 1 stick of RAM/Graphics Card?"

No. Just try and start the machine with the minimum of components needed to kick start the machine.

i.e. If the computer has 2 sticks of ram, it just needs one to start it.

If the computer has no onboard graphics, you must use a graphics card to show your display.

It's a process of elimination. Take out those things that are not needed to start the computer and if the computer does not boot, you substitute tghose items, one at a time, that you are using.

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