PC will not Boot

  RLMTS 14:08 01 Mar 2008

I have an older PC with Windows 98SE installed, I use this for 'legacy' industrial software.

Yesterday it failed to boot up.

The fans start up (P/S, Processor/other mobo fan)

There are no 'peeps', the power LED on the front of the case comes on, and the LEDs in my LS high density floppy and in my MO drive come on and stay on.

The LEDs in my standard floppy, DVD and Case LED for HD all stay off.

Got my meter out and checked the voltages going to the mobo....

With respect to the Black cable I had....

ORANGE = +3.3 V
BLUE = -12 V
GREEN = +0.05 V
RED = +5 V
WHITE = -5 V
GREY = +0.12 V
YELLOW = +12 V

Are these readings ok?

(Strange readings on Green & Grey?)

Checked power cable going to HD and voltages were the same for used colours as above.

Checked all power / data cable connectors, seemed ok?

Has my Mobo gone to that special place in the sky? (or below us!?)


  crosstrainer 14:11 01 Mar 2008

Ok, although that doesn't guarantee a working PSU, it does help. Open the case and remove / clean and re-seat all cables and card's. It might be an idea to blow any accumulated dust out as well. If that fails then you may well have a dead psu or mobo.

  RLMTS 14:23 01 Mar 2008

I'll get it all checked, think I have another P/S somewhere too.

If Mobo's gone, can I get 'any old mobo' and install with other existing hardware and HD and get back to normal (I guess not!)

Whats anyone's suggestion to get up and running again assuming the HD is ok?

I can spend a few shillings if necessary, it supports my work.


  crosstrainer 15:03 01 Mar 2008

No, you can't you will need a mobo that will accept your CPU and Memory you don't say what this is, but I would doubt it would be economic really.

  RLMTS 15:11 01 Mar 2008


It's just that I was hoping to not have to install all the old applications and W98Se that currently resides on that HD. I also have some 'keys' installed that enables use of some of the programs installed on there.

Perhaps I could source a MB that is the same, it's about 6yr old (Make = 'Iwill' I believe?)

I still have all the data and manuals that came with it, must dig it out.


  crosstrainer 15:13 01 Mar 2008

You might get lucky, but we will need the exact make and model of mobo (check this when you clean it up and re-seat cables etc.)

  RLMTS 15:15 01 Mar 2008


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