PC will not boot up.

  Baskerville 13:46 28 Sep 2007

Hi all,

I have a old Mesh comp that is running ME, it has been a good servant over the years and really not much trouble until today.
After closing the comp down normally a few days back I switched on today to find it will not boot up, It asked for a boot disc, I used that but still it does not boot up, I started the comp with the boot disc in still it will not boot up,it simply just says 'boot failure please insert boot disc' could this be a hardware problem ? the comp is 6 years old and I was thinking of wiping it and installing XP, but if it has gone bang it may be goodnight Vienna?

Thanks for any help,


  Baskerville 17:43 28 Sep 2007

Anyone out there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:08 28 Sep 2007

Will it boot from a bootable floppy?

If it won't boot from CD it may be your CD is not set as first boot device in BIOS.

Anyway looks as if it can not read the HDD.

Can you see the HDD on the first screen or in BIOS?

  woodchip 18:48 28 Sep 2007

Yes Faulty Hard Drive, Is the Drive Clicking? Also look in BIOS to see if the drive as registered as been seen. If BIOS cannot see the Drive, you will need a new one

  Baskerville 19:39 28 Sep 2007


It will not boot from floppies got two of the same floppies still will not boot up.
Just checked in the Bios:

In the Bios feature set-up it says:
Quick boot disabled.
1st boot floppy
2nd IDE-0
3rd boot cdrom
Try other devices (yes)

In IDE HDD Auto Detection:
Primary master:not installed.

Primary slave: not installed.

I don't think the HD is working as I cannot hear it clicking,



  fishface113 20:05 28 Sep 2007

It sounds like a dead hard drive but change the power plug over and change the ide lead, they DO fail sometimes without cause. Not very likely but still worth a pop!

  Baskerville 20:34 28 Sep 2007

Thanks for the help,
I think that it's time for a new computer, windows ME is not the best OS, the colors on the screen have been playing up and my two lads don't like to play games on it as they say it is too old to run their games!
My master computer is a Aldi Medion and a darn good one it is, I missed the last laptop from Aldi so I may have a look at Novatech, or has anyone got a better idea?? I may get a laptop as they are neater on the eye.

Many thanks,


  Diemmess 20:55 28 Sep 2007

A very brief rider to this discussion.

If neither a bootable floppy nor the HD or a Bootable CD work then my guess is something dire in the mobo.

The outlook is the same, a new purchase, but any important info on the hard drive might become accessable on another computer suitably connected.

  woodchip 22:01 28 Sep 2007

If BIOS cannot see it as you have just proved. You need a new Hard Drive. All you files photos are gone for good on that drive. Unless you have lots off money to get them back

  Diemmess 18:24 29 Sep 2007

woodchip and I disagree for reasons which each of us has given.

If I am right, then your hard disk will be readable on another computer.

If woodchip is correct then the HD is first and last the culprit and is dead.

Would like to know what you manage to do with this situation?

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