Phil930 04:25 09 Sep 2003

i was having trouble in windows xp, no games cd's would run. all i would get was the symbol of a disc spinning but no results as it would just dissappear and no programs would start running.

Now after turning my pc off and turning back on i have had mixed results. First i had a on off beep sound on post, like beep pause beep pause beep pause beep pause etc and nothing would take place.

then i turned it on and i had normal POST with one beep but the monitor displayed no signal input.

after this failed i reset it again and it has returned to the beep pause beep pause process again. the monitor is also saying no signal input. both the power light and HDD light on the case remain constantly on, the CD lights remain constantly on and the power button does not work. all i am getting is the beep pause beep pause etc.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem as it was working fine 12 hours ago. i don't understand why this is happening...


  accord 05:57 09 Sep 2003

we need to know what motherborad you are using and what Bios it uses to determine the beep errors.

my asus states that if i have long beeps in an endless loop then no DRAM installed or detected, one long beep followed by three short beeps then video card is not found or video card memory bad.

have you taken the video card out and re-installed to see if that makes a difference.

also if you could advise your system spec, im sure others on this forum will advise better than i can.


If you have an Award Bios then the beeps you get are as follows -

Continuous Beeping: Memory or video problem

Explanation: The system is producing constant beeping in no specific pattern, or a fast "ringing" sound.

Diagnosis: This is usually caused by a problem with the system memory, or possibly the video card. The memory is more likely--the system complains long and loud if it can't find any usable memory, as there is no way to even start the boot process when this is the case. The motherboard itself could also be the problem.

Full details here:
click here

click here

click here

  Kitz E Kat 08:47 09 Sep 2003

Try to reseat the Memory modules, make sure they are fully home.See if that helps.
Could be a bad memory module, if you have more than one take the other out and try, then swap, and try again, can you 'borrow' a module from another machine and try it..

You could also try a different graphics card, if you can get a lend of one ..

Good luck
Kitz E Kat

  Phil930 13:12 09 Sep 2003

thanks for the help, i will try those ideas. for further details i have this pc....

Chaintech 7KJD Mobo with latest BIOS (unsure of #)

2*256Mb pc2100 DDR RAM totalling 512Mb DDR

AMD XP 2400 +

GF4 Ti4600

thanks for the help, my fear is the motherboard has gone.

your help is greatly appreciated, i will let you know how your ideas go...

  Phil930 19:09 09 Sep 2003

i got the pc to boot up by re-inserting the RAM modules and re-inserting the Graphics card...this is all works fine now, i hope i havent done any long term damage.

one other problem that has occured is CD reading. i can no longer get cd's to run. for example, trying to run CM4 or GTA Vice City; i click the shortcut with the cd inserted in either cd drive, all i get is a symbol of a cd spinning which lasts for about 20 seconds and then it disappears and no programs will run. these kind of problems are concerning me as the functionality of my pc is in decline now....

does anyone have any suggestions?

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