PC Visual Problem - ghosting / hazing / pixalte

  Azrael 13:42 29 Aug 2006

I have a PC prob... which i can't fix and sods law i just start getting back into WoW and my PC goes on the fritz.

I suspect it seems to be some sort of moniter or graphic cards error

From start up certain areas of the screen become pixalatied.

Once XP has started, windows seems sluggish, if you move a window it leaves the ghostly trace of its previous position. As well as switiching to black screen each time a new window box opens.

Further more when I started WoW the music plays fine the gauntlet-hand cursor appears, but only a blank screen, no visuals except the remains of the windows XP taskbar.

When I then minimise the WoW screen and return to Windows, it is once again sluggish....

If I then return to WoW window I have some visiuals, but the graphics are twisted and distorted (and quite psychedelic!!)

this sort of thing happens with most programs

i'm going to hook it up to a mates moniter tonight to test if it is that...??

Could even be a virus prehaps??

No idea!!

can anyone help??

  Azrael 20:22 30 Aug 2006

Bump - sorry folks!!

Extra info...

When i load in safe mode it does seem fine...

Altough i can't test any programs as most won't run in safe mode....

Furthermore my Firefox connection wont work but Explorer does - strange!!

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