PC virgin installs new motherboard...nearly

  Rob6 17:47 04 Aug 2005

I'm just a little chuffed with my self to have fitted a new mb bundle pressed power and it worked! I thought that was it and I could go straight into my windows 98SE. Its not that easy is it! Do I need to re install windows? if so how do I do it?

  the kopite 17:59 04 Aug 2005

No its not Rob I have just fitted a new motherboard for a friend and win 98 refused to load properly I am afraid I had to format the hard drive and reinstall 98 after which there was no problem kopite

  Rob6 18:01 04 Aug 2005

What do I do? just put in the system disc and reinstall?

  the kopite 18:05 04 Aug 2005

further to your post rob (how to do it) put your win 98 up floppy disc in your floppy drive start up and chose boot without cd help allow the floppy to boot to the A:/ prompt and enter FORMAT C: /s after it has formatted shut down your computer and reboot this time chose boot with cd rom help at the A:/ prompt enter setup. Windows will then perform a check on your drive and proceed to install win 98 hope this helps kopite

  the kopite 18:07 04 Aug 2005

Sorry rob that should read you win98 start up floppy disc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 04 Aug 2005

Clean install windows 98
click here

  Rob6 18:10 04 Aug 2005

Before I go down this route...will I lose everything on my hard drive? if so do I have an option?

  Completealias 18:14 04 Aug 2005

Yes if you format the hard drive you will lose everything on the drive.

If you have another pc about you could take out the hard drive and place it into the other pc as a slave and copy any files you want off the drive.

Then you can put the hard drive back in the other machine format and reinstall

  Rob6 18:25 04 Aug 2005

Thnks for advice so far. Whislt waiting I have rebooted m/c and it has gone into windows and is trying to install new drivers. i.e. 'PCI standard host CPU bridge' What's going on?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 04 Aug 2005

It is finding the new hardware for your new bundle.

If it will boot up then what is needed is to remove the drivers for the "old equipment" moherboard cpu etc. and instal the drivers for new equipment.

Sounds like it is trying to do this. so let it complete you should have new drivers on a CD that came with the motherboard.

You may not need to reinstall windows if this works sucessfully.

  Rob6 19:57 04 Aug 2005

Well it felt like random button pushing and disc swapping but I got there in the end. Seem to have the system back up with all devices connected ...it might be small beer to some of you guys but I'm a bit pleased with my self!Thanks for the advice and moral support.

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