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  RevG 10:53 11 May 2004

I'm something of a newbie when it comes to video recording and editing. I would like to take my non-digital (analogue?) video recordings and edit them on my computer - with, hopefully as good a quality as possible, to allow me to show them. But also, to record the edited videos on a standard video recorder.

What hardware is best for this? I've seen the Belkin USB connectors, but they don't seem to give a very good quality.
Do I need two cards - one for input and one for output or is there one single card to do the job.
I am on a bit of a budget, so couldn't afford to spend hundreds of pounds on this.

  MichelleC 11:12 11 May 2004

This link may help click here but I've not used them so can't vouch for the quality. Rule of thumb with dv/analogue capture cards is the more expensive the less hassle and better quality.

  stlucia 12:50 11 May 2004

Ideally you need a device that will input and output from and to your VHS recorder, as suggested by MichelleC.

But if you're only doing it once, it may be cheaper to send them away for transfer. I've used click here for cine film transfer with very good results, and they can send it back to you in several different formats -- some of which (.avi) you can then edit on your PC if you have appropriate software.

Once edited, you would then probably be best to save the finished movies as DVD or SVCD, depending on what type of burner you have. To get them onto VHS (if you really have to), you could then play them on a domestic DVD player and record them at the same time on a VHS recorder.

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