PC Video editing expert? Walk this way please!

  noddy1 17:02 08 May 2004

Hi guys,

I need some tech advice. Here's my scenario;
A few months ago I decided to invest in some prosumer DV equipment. During my spending spree I picked up the following software;

Adobe Premiere Pro,
Adobe After Effects 5.5 Standard,
Adobe Encore,
Adobe Audition,

Unfortunately my current PC (specs at end) has had two years of use prior to installing Premiere Pro and recently some of Microsoft's
patches have caused some registry problems that are causing applications to play up. I can't seem to repair it. So far it has not effected Premiere Pro (other than Pro does not see a recent internal DVD burner I added a couple of days ago, but that may not be XP's fault), but overall I am unhappy with the stability of XP right now. Consequently I'm thinking of doing a complete reformat of my hard drive and creating an 'ideal' environment for Pro since it will be used extensively in the future. I am thinking of partitioning the disk and putting XP on both partitions (not sure if that will create problems in itself, not a lot on the web
about it). On one version/side I'll put all my everyday applications. On the other I will put Premiere Pro and the other Adobe products listed
above. Another option is to buy a smallish secondary hard drive and put only XP and my Adobe products on that and boot from it at start up? My main drive would hold all my other stuff. The big advantage (I'm hoping) of this set up will be that I can swap the secondary HD into a new PC when I upgrade in the future. Since my DV footage is kept on my current external HD, hopefully I can carry on flawlessly on the new PC by transferring the secondary drive into it.
However I'm guessing there are load of pitfalls via either of the above routes.

Please point them out and offer your advice?
Thanks for your time.

My cuurent PC spec;
P4 2.25Ghz (intel 850 chipset)
1280Mb RDRAM (Rambus)
120Gb internal HD 7200rpm
200Gb external HD 7200rpm USB2/firewire
Geforce 4 Nvidea Ti 4600 128Mb graphics card
Pioneer DVR-107 DVD burner
standard firewire/DV capture card
SoundBlaster Live!(cheapie) sound card

PS I'm happy to try a 'good' registry cleaner/repairer first if anyone can recommend one.

  dogtrack 09:05 10 May 2004

You will get a better response, more than likely, on a specific Video Forum. Try this one for starters...click here

  TomJerry 09:25 10 May 2004

The product you need is "BootMagic" which come with "Partition Magic". Use this two programs, you can install as many Operation Systems as you want and they are independent to each other, i.e. one can not see another. OSs can be installed on different partitions or different HDDs. Of course, you can creat common data partition to let different OSs to share data.

You can get the program from many stores, e.g. Amazon £44 click here. It is really a magic program and made by Powerquest which recently bought out by Symantec (the price increase since change of owner). There are also free software could help you to acheive the same thing as Partition Magic/Boot Magic, but I think Partition Magic is worth every penny.

For best video editing performance, you better to get a 2nd HDD for all for video files (I think this is recomended by Adobe). A 120Gb HDD only cost around £60, bt make sure to get one with 8MB cache memory (most HDD use 2MB cache memory).

  Bagsey 10:00 10 May 2004

Video editing is and has been notorious for its ability to clash and glitch with just about any software. There rarely appears to be any definate pattern to this problem. Different people have their own solutions to this and mine is to keep anything to do with Video completely separate from every thing else that has no use in the editing process. My method to acheive this is to have a large HDD in a caddy which is dedicated to video with its own version of windows ruling out any other glitches. This can easily be swapped for general computer work.In my opinion this a much better solution than dual booting. If you keep this disc for video and get it working the way you want it to then you will not cause yourself hassle by installing MS security patches as this disc will have no contact with the great virus ridden outdoors. You appear to have had a good spending spree to get all of this software which will stand you in good stead, but I would recommend that to make a start you go for a more user friendly and less complex editing Program to start with until you a more familiar with the whole task of producing a reasonable finished product, something like Pinnacle Studio 7 or 8 or 9. Adobe Premier is a very complex bit of software with a long learning curve. Struggling with that as your start point will put you off editing for good.Also start by doing a short 5 minute video rather than going straight into a 40 minute epic.
For info and help on anything to do with editing Look at
click here and click here
These are two forums where a lot of help and advice is available. I hope that this is of help to you but post back if you need anything more.

  TomJerry 16:12 10 May 2004

Dual boot via bootmagic is the same as swap HDD. Two versions of Windows are installed in two different partitions and they can not see each other, i.e. when you boot WinX1 in Partition 1, Parrtition 2 which has WinX2 is hadden. Under both Wins, windows etc are under driver letter "C". Effectivly, when you boot into one, other installation can be treated as "non-exist". Effectively, this achieve the same results as swaping HDD.

  Bagsey 17:00 10 May 2004

Ok . I am still back in the days when dual booting was a right pain in the rear. But my main point still holds good. Keep your video editing completely seperate from everything else.

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