PC usb spark help.

  ForbiddenReaper 01:44 01 Sep 2010


Im having a problem with my PC when i plug in my printer into the back usb ports. This only happens when im plugging it in when its on and it sparks! The sparks are very small and have a blue colour to them. I have tried looking on other fourms and im still after a solution.

All help is Appreciated.

Note: This does not happen on devices like my ipod and my digital camera.

  Dragon_Heart 02:29 01 Sep 2010

.... then plug it in !

The USB 'system' does carry about 5 volts. If the fault does not go away get your printer checked out.

  Dragon_Heart 02:36 01 Sep 2010
  ForbiddenReaper 02:48 01 Sep 2010

So this is normal trying to plug in electrical devices while they are pwered on?

  bpboon2 09:04 01 Sep 2010

Forgot to add All worked well then sudenly that error message started. Using Vista : Office 2007

  tullie 09:10 01 Sep 2010

Dont want to sound rude,but what are you talking about?Have you posted in the wrong thread.

  woodchip 09:19 01 Sep 2010

All Hardware even Electric Kettles should be turned of before plugging them into a socket as it burns out Socket connection if you do not. Likewise with PC's

  lotvic 09:21 01 Sep 2010

Try it with a new/different printer cable.

  morddwyd 09:27 01 Sep 2010

I thought all usb connections were supposed to be usable "hot"?

  Seth Haniel 12:45 01 Sep 2010

it's Static Electricity ... common with USB - earth yourself first to discharge
some USB memory sticks / ports stop working for while if you plug in/out numerous times and the build up effects them

the idea of USB is the ability to 'Hot' plug and unplug scanners, printers, etc

  ForbiddenReaper 13:40 01 Sep 2010

I might need to get a new USB cable for my printer then as the one i own was allways on the carpet.

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