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  the old man 18:23 06 Feb 2007

Finally have recieved my copy of MS XP media centre, bought for upgrade to Vista, so am going to start, finally, to build my new computer.
Ed-0 and Totallybraindead the moment has arrived. What should I remember to do and not to do and as I will be using old HDD'S and Dvd's will new mobo see existing xp home on the 160gig Hdd before I format the drive or do I reformat whilst it is in old computer, then transfer into new box.
Also, I have a new MSI 975X PLATINUM MOBO and I don't know what the Molex socket just above the PCI-EX socket is for. I have plugged in my 7900gs card and connected the splitter cable to the card and the PSU molex and assume this is ready to go but this other socket is causing a degree of worry as I cannot find answer in manual. Probably case of 'wood for trees'. Can anyone advise.

  Joe R 19:07 06 Feb 2007

the old man,

this is a 4-pin auxiliary power connector, and is for plugging in fans or other auxilliaries.

"You don't have to use this molex at all, if you do not wish to do so."

  the old man 19:21 06 Feb 2007

Thanks for that. Phew thought I was not connecting something important. Have just read on another forum that I need to be connecting the other molex splitter lead into a Psu molex connector as the 7900gs card needs both connecting to supply. Didn't know that either and was going to just run it with one lead connected. Phew again.
Anyone have any more ideas as I have eaten my tea and cannot put off getting this new box up and running. Sweating just thinking about it.

  Totally-braindead 19:22 06 Feb 2007

The molex is in case you use 2 graphics cards, if you're not doing this then you shouldn't need it connected. The manual should explain.

What I would do is build the PC and boot from the Media XP disk and let it format the drive and them install windows. Then install the motherboard drivers from the disk you got with the motherboard and then install the graphics card drivers, modem drivers printer/scanner etc.
You will probably have to restart several times between installing drivers.
Do install this way, XP then motherboard drivers then everything else.
By this time you should have a fully running PC. Good luck its fun.
Remember when installing the motherboard in the case to make sure the spacers keep it clear of the outside case to stop shorting out.

  Totally-braindead 19:23 06 Feb 2007

Double check the manual about the connector on the board, you shouldn't need it connected with only one card but some do.

  Totally-braindead 19:28 06 Feb 2007

I've reread what I have typed and its not clear.
The molex connector on the actual graphics card must be connected.
The connector on the motherboard near the graphics card slots is for using if you have 2 graphics card installed in a Crossfire mode. You do not have this so you may not need to connect it, read the manual to clarify it as some do still need it connected.

  ed-0 19:41 06 Feb 2007

Good evening sir;-)

I was always told to be polite to my elders, so if you are over 65.lol

Because this is important, the build, I would start at basics.

I would insert the board, cpu and fan, memory and graphics. Connect the front power switch.

boot the machine and just let it boot to bios.

Once you are there, you know you are on a winner.

Now connect the IDE cables and the drives. the rest of the front panel connectors.

set the bios to boot from cdrom as the first boot and pop in the media center cd rom.

After you press F8 to accept microsofts agreement, you can format the hard drive. follow the installation to fully load the OS.

reboot and load media center

Any problems with the motherboard or any of the settings, post back.

Good luck.

  the old man 19:41 06 Feb 2007

TB, Fun? Fun? Good job I am grey and balding already as I am s******g meself.
If I come out the other end with a fully working computer I will believe you. Until then keep your witiscisms to yourself. Haha.
Help me mother.
Seriously I am looking forward to doing this as it will be first and last time. Spent lot of money so far and want to get thru it with 'minimum of fuss'.
Will check manual but with supplied splitter cable for psu and graphics card thought both molex plugs need to be connected to psu. Oh hang on, just realised that I don't have a 'manual' with graphics card, and online help only deals with drivers.

  the old man 19:45 06 Feb 2007

Evening sir.
All stuff in bundle was connected and tested before it arrived. I have got the graphics in and am just getting ready to cannibalise my old rig. Bearing this in mind I will not have any contact as comms will be non existant until I either have new rig up and running or have chucked it out the window and reverted back to my old rig, after putting everything back.

  Totally-braindead 19:54 06 Feb 2007

You bought a barebones system didn't you!

If the computer fails to start don't panic. The most common reasons are, graphics card not in place properly, they can need a good push, memory not in slot properly, hard drives not fitted.
Only in the first case the graphics card not fitted properly will you get no display at all. Otherwise you will get something on screen.

You do know how to set the boot order to start from the Windows CD don't you?

  ed-0 19:56 06 Feb 2007

You'll walk it.


thats why I thought boot to bios first. make sure all and graphics card is well.

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