PC Upgraded - now getting the Blue Screen of Death

  Red Devil 07:26 31 Oct 2007

Hi all,

OK, I recently upgraded my PC to the following setup:-

Abit IP35 Pro
2.7GHz Core 2 Duo
2Gb of RAM
Asus 8800GTS
2 x 500Gb Samsung Spinpoint SATA HDs
1 x 80Gb Samsung Spinpoint SATA HD
2 x Samsung SATA DVD-RAMs
Windows XP SP2
850W Xilence PSU

And now I keep getting the infamous Windows blue screen of death whereas I never had this XP in all the years it was running on my previous setup. I have seen it 5 times this morning in the hour that my PC has been running. Twice when clicking on the tab for EVE Online and 3 times when attempting to play a video (that I have played numerous times in the past with no issue, a DVD of That 70s Show).

It's now go to the stage where some programs - Real Player, Civ III and EVE Online - can't be run without seeing the BSoD.

With Real Player, I get this as soon as I start playing any video - though I don't see a BSoD with Real Player UNTIL I've encountered it with another program beforehand in any particular Windows session.

With EVE Online and Civ III, I get it - though not all the time although the frequency of it happening is increasing - when I Alt-Tab back to Windows. It seems to be tied, though I could be wrong, to Alt-Tab-bing from programs running in Windows mode to those that don't and back again.

The info I get from the Windows message about the system recovering from a serious error is next to useless - no surprise there!! - so I don't know what the root cause of this problem is so that I can attempt to solve it.

Does anyone have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions on what could be causing this and how I might attempt to solve it as my PC is becoming more and more temperamental with each passing day.


  Technotiger 08:11 31 Oct 2007

Have you tried a System Restore back to before this started happening?

  Red Devil 09:19 31 Oct 2007

This has been happening since I upgraded my PC so it's a bit hard to do a System Restore. I'd need to do a system rebuild!! ;)

  Red Devil 14:12 31 Oct 2007

Can't use that memory diagnostic tool.

Every time I try and burn the ISO image created to disc, Nero reports that it needs a CD-R/RW but can only detect a CD-RW in the drive.

And the crashed are happening more and more often too.


  Jaro 14:54 31 Oct 2007

maybe its silly question but did you install XP from scratch after rebuilding your new system? sometime the system would start somehow but it wouldn't work properly if it was not installed again with new upgraded hardware specially with new mobo .

  Jaro 15:04 31 Oct 2007

anyway blue screen that could be some software - driver problem. i would start with graphic card drivers first. if no avail look in event viewer what error do you get. Post event number. also you can try to unplug all hardware that you don't need to run from the mobo like DVD drives, hard drives except one with system on and so on. than turn it on and try if you still get the blue screen.

  Red Devil 15:14 31 Oct 2007

Windows XP was a clean and fresh install as my new PC was unable to take IDE HDs under the configuration I had - there was only 1 IDE channel and I *was* using that for CD drives until I bought 2 SATA ones.

That meant that I had to use one of my SATA HDs as the system drive whereas I *had* used an IDE HD before upgrading so I decided to do a clean and fresh install of Windows.

Anyway, after Marg7's suggestion, I went into the Event Viewer and this is the info I've got on the error:-

Category - 102
Event ID - 1003

Error code 1000000a, parameter1 00000016, parameter2 0000001c, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 80502392.

and another one that said that the ATK Keyboard Service terminated unexpectedly with an Event ID of 7034.

I've also found that I cannot even start the games now that don't operate in Windows mode - my PC will immediately crash.

Quicktime Player will also completely lock up when attempting to play the video that I did in Real Player that causes the blue screen BUT the PC doesn't crash.

However, Windows Media Player has the same result with the file as Real Player - it opens but as soon as I hit play I get the dreaded Blue Screen.

So any help and advice that anyone can give me on solving this would be great.


  Red Devil 19:04 31 Oct 2007


I finally managed to get the memory diagnostic tool working - and it found no error with my memory.

So does this now point at my graphics card being the cause of this issue?


  umbongo(uk) 21:42 31 Oct 2007

might sound daft but did you search out to see if there are any driver updates to you motherboard

driver page for your mobo
click here

i dont mean windows update,s

and then instal nvidia driver updates

if it still bsod-ing them some other software may be causeing the issue

and the best bet would be to do a fresh install of xp sp2
then updated motherboard drivers
then nvidia drivers

create a system restore

add internet

check windows is ticking over for an hour

start adding your programs if it seems ok

  umbongo(uk) 22:02 31 Oct 2007

what firewall, antivirus suit software u using

i found similar issue,s to yours pointing to
comodo,kasperski,and panda
if this helps any

  I am Spartacus 12:01 01 Nov 2007

It could be a problem with the SATA drivers. Does your BIOS have the option to set the drives to emulate IDE, possibly in enhanced mode?

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