PC Upgrade problem

  The Dark Sage 10:31 21 Jun 2004

I decided to upgrade the graphics card in my pc. However the idea snowballed abit and changed into a new Radeon 9800 graphics card, and a new motherboard as the one I had was not up to running the 9800 and a new case to fit the new motherboard in as my old case was not big enough. I then decided that my old 1Ghz AMD processor was not up to it anymore either and upgraded that to an Athlon XP2600+

I screwed it all together, using the hard drive from my old pc as well as the CD rom drives, usb 2 PCI adapter etc. Then I had to go back out and get some new memory as the new motherboard ran on 184pin rather than 168 pin dimms. New memory purchased I finished the build and powered it up --- NOTHING.

No POST test beeps or anything. I moved the memory stick (DDR400 512MB)to another slot and tried again. This time the system comes up - but it can not start windows. It starts and then reboots and comes up saying that it could not start windows successfully - tried safe mode - same deal.

So I decided to reinstall Windows - but it keeps hanging on the set up process and restarting. I have tried to installation disks with the same result.

I am a bit stumped at the moment. I am leaning toward the fact that either the Hard disk is knackered, as sometime when it tries to start windows it tells me that a certain file is corrupt (usually NTOSKERNAL), or that the Memory is at fault.

I am going to put the hard disk back into the old PC tonight and see if it will boot up. Has anybody got any other ideas?

Oh yeah - I can hit delete during start up to get into the bios, and everything seems to have been detected correctly, right hard disk size, memory etc.

  Gongoozler 14:16 21 Jun 2004

Hi Dark Sage. Failure to POST can be caused by any one of several things. I suggest thet you try stripping the computer down to the minimum configuration. Disconnect everything from the motherboard except the processor with it's heatsink, ATX power connector, power switch and case speaker. At power-up this should give an error beep because there is no graphics card or memory. You can then start adding components until you don't get any POST beep. The last computer I built had this problem and it was the graphics card that caused it.

  platty100 15:18 21 Jun 2004

Hi could be your power supply not enough voltage to run it, you want at least 4 watt to run what you have got installed .So it will keep rebooting because of the lack of power

  Gongoozler 16:39 21 Jun 2004

platty100, I think you meant 400W!

  The Dark Sage 16:47 21 Jun 2004

It POSTS now - after I reseated the memory - now it has moved on to the second part of the problem - that it won't boot from the HDD, nor can I get it to reformat it and restall windows - keeps hanging on the starting windows message

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:55 21 Jun 2004

Windows is having a problem loading drivers.

Remember this is windows on your hardrive from your old comp with your old graphics driver and m/board drivers.

Reboot let pc post and immediately tap F8 key til menu appears and boot in safe mode.
In safe mode go into control panel >system > hardware >device manager and uninstall all the graphic drivers etc. Shutdown let PC reboot and windows should then boot find your equipment and install or ask for appropriate drivers.


  The Dark Sage 15:12 22 Jun 2004

didn't work either.

Anyway more info.

I went out and bought another stick of memory and a new hard drive - (i needed one anyway)Put the new drive in and the 2nd memory stick - and it started to install Windows and then crashed out again.

I took the first stick of memory out and what do you know - it stoped crashing out!!! (memory is being returned at my earlist convinance)

Problems didn't stop there though - tried to install XP and it kept failing to format the new disk - so I tried to install a evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003 and that installed ok.

So at the minute I have a working server - which I am going to remove tonight and try to install XP from a different disk. Hopefully that will sort it out - I will let you know

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