PC Upgrade to enable Broadband

  Brody 22:28 06 Sep 2003

Is it possible or viable to upgrade a Packard Bell PC to enable Broadband ie.
a)Processor Intel Pentium(R) from 60MHz to 166MHz
b)Memory from 24MB to 32MB
c)Fit a USB Port, will a USB4 Port Hub as suggested by Virgin be OK?

  Tim1964 22:41 06 Sep 2003

I know it's a bigger step than you intended but have you considered a new base unit?

It might be time, spec wise, to call it a day on the unit in question. By the time you add up the individual costs of the parts a new unit my be a better bet (no compatability issues etc).

There are many companies that can supply 'base unit only' systems with a spec far higher than you are thinking of for about £200. Even less if you consider 'second user'.

Good Luck.

  Djohn 23:23 06 Sep 2003

I agree with Tim1964, think it may be time for an up-grade, you will need the better spec. to use Broadband and USB, the difference of a new system will be really noticable. Regards. j.

  Brody 09:15 07 Sep 2003

Thank you Tim1964 and Djohn, I'll follow the advice. Brody.

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