PC Upgrade any top tips?

  Will 10:57 30 Jan 2005

The presant system I have is:
The system is Win XP Home(Update over win 98)AMD 1400Mhz, 2 HDD(6 and 20 Gigs), 256 Ram, 128 Graphics card.
I last upgraded 2 years ago from a 400 and used a MB, CPU, RAM package and intend to do so again. I intend to buy the Athlon 64 3000 + Fan, MSI KTB Motherboard, 512Mb DDR Memory package from Savastore.com. Does anybody see any problems? I was thinking about the PSU and heat problems anybody any comments. Thanks as always for your help

  alan227 11:07 30 Jan 2005

You do not mention what your PSU rating is but you will need at least a 350 watt or higher if you can afford it.

  Will 11:10 30 Jan 2005

will it show anywhere on the screen what the PSU reating is or do I go in and have a look?

  Dorsai 11:12 30 Jan 2005

try click here
to work out what sized PSU you will need. I would then add 50-100W to allow for future apgrades.

  Gongoozler 11:18 30 Jan 2005

Will, the only way to find what PSU you have at present is to open the box and see what is written on the label on the PSU.

  alan227 11:26 30 Jan 2005

Sometimes the wattage rating is on the back of the PSU, if not you need to take the side of and you should find a label telling you the wattage.

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