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  ArcAngel67 10:51 11 Oct 2008

My young son has a home-made PC (not by us) and wants to play games like Command and Conquer Generals and Sid Meiers Civilisation, but his PC is below the minimum spec. We don't have the money to buy him a new one so are looking at upgrading this one.

His current system is:

AMD Athlon 698 Mhz
512 Mb RAM
Rage Fury Po/Xpert 2000 Pro (is this the Video Card?)
Sumsung SV2044D HDD
CyberDrv CW078D CD-R/RW
(Haven't a clue what to look for as far as the motherboard is concerned).

Looking at the spec I would say it would definitely need a larger processor but not sure about anything else.

Is it easy for a novice to change the processor and if so, how do we do it and any suggestions on which one we should get?

Any advise would be gratefully received


  I am Spartacus 14:29 11 Oct 2008

That system must be 6 or more years old and I doubt whether there's a cost effective way to upgrade to meet even Command & Conquers minimum specification.

  brundle 14:32 11 Oct 2008

You'll need a new motherboard to go with the processor and new memory to suit too. Yes the Rage is the graphics card, which will also need replacing. £100+ for a bundle click here

Choose a graphics card after reading this;

click here

The machine will likely need a better power supply too. 350 watts minimum, the more powerful the graphics card you buy the more important the quality & output of the power supply. Another £30 or so.

Changing the board itself isn't difficult but I wouldn't encourage someone who's never done anything like it before to start with £100+ of kit.

Upgrading so many components isn't really worth it in my opinion, I picked up a fairly capable PC for £50 from Ebay a few months back - not cutting edge but it would cope with the games you mentioned and more. You can check out the system requirements for games here click here and base your plans on that to start with.

  ArcAngel67 20:39 13 Oct 2008

Many thanks for your messages, we have decided to go with your advice and get a different PC, we got a seconed-hand one and went and purchased a new graphics card, now his PC is a higher spec than our! He has happily played Generals tonight!

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