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  peter_l1993 17:44 14 Jan 2007

Hello Everybody!

Right I have a REALLY slow AMD Athlon 3400+ processor and would like to upgrade. Here's my question: will I be able to upgrade to an Intel Core 2 Duo or will I have to stick with AMD. And If I am able to upgrade to Core 2 Duo, will I have to buy a new motherboard. I really don't want to do that because Microsoft will make me buy a new XP.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:48 14 Jan 2007

There is something wrong if you have a really slow Athlon 3400+

What are the symptoms?

You can't put an intel processor into the board so if you are going along those lines, you will new a new motherboard and probably new RAM.

  peter_l1993 17:49 14 Jan 2007

as I have 512 mb Ram, it's really slow for the type of PC user i am. i didn't mean it in that way. i am planning to upgrade my ram. ok so intel wont work what about amd x2?

  [email protected] 17:54 14 Jan 2007

i have 64 3500+ my brother has the 4200 x2
the difference seems negligible, same motherboard same ram
what ram/ mobo do you have its not the fastest chip but it shouldnt be slow

  Diodorus Siculus 17:55 14 Jan 2007

As far as I know, you can't improve much on what you have without a new motherboard.

You may be able to add a faster processor but only to a certain degree. More RAM will make most difference now.

  peter_l1993 17:56 14 Jan 2007

alright can i get any mobo or do i have to get a specific type?

  peter_l1993 17:59 14 Jan 2007

oh and one final thing...is there any upgrade kits you'd recommend, coz i know they come with a mobo and a processor

  Diodorus Siculus 18:02 14 Jan 2007
  woodchip 18:08 14 Jan 2007

Well I have a Athlon Palamino 1600+ and it's not slow Running 98se on 512mb ram

  Totally-braindead 18:20 14 Jan 2007

I have an Athlon 3500+ and its fast enough to run any game or any program that I have tried thus far.
I agree with what Diodorus Siculus has said. If its really slow then theres something wrong with it. Depending on your make and model of board you could perhaps put a AMD dual core processor in it but I too think its unlikely you will notice much difference and its a lot of money to spend to find its just the same. I assume your motherboard is a socket 939 and as such you can only put a socket 939 processor in it. You cannot put an Intel chip in it.
What I would do is keep what you have and add another 512mb RAM. Then clean out all the rubbish left on your computer and also stop the programs that run in the background that you don't need.
The other alternative is blank the computer and start from scratch again but if you do consider that, you must make sure you have all the disks and know how to do it before you start. If you don't know what to do then leave it.
Run Ccleaner for a start click here and see what programs are running at startup and delete those you do not need to run all the time. This will take a lot of strain off the processor and enable it to run much faster. That combined with another 512mb should make a big difference.

  [email protected] 18:26 14 Jan 2007

i agree i dont think your cpu is the problem

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