p.c & t.v. compatibilty

  korny 14:23 03 Mar 2007

I wish to view digital images on my Panasonic tv which has a dvdram video recorder. I am able to view manipulate and write to dvdram disc on my computer but the tv tells me that the disc is not formatted properly. how can I make the pc and tv compatibly CORNY

  anskyber 14:33 03 Mar 2007

Not all DVD-RAM will play on Panasonics. Eg, 2.6 GB and 5.2 GB.

I think it is also necessary to finalise a disc before it will play.

There are also other variables which will stop a PC recorded disc playing on a TV recorder particularly of differing manufacturers.

  korny 18:35 03 Mar 2007

thanks for your reply as I understand once a disc is finalised I will not be able to add or alter the disc and I would rather not be the case if avoidable

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