PC turns itself off, overheating or power problem?

  tigernick 15:41 29 Nov 2005

I have been having a problem of my PC turning itself off for no aparant reason, and with no warning for some time now. My PC is over two years old, was made for me by a qualified friend and is of no particular make or model. I have noticed that the problem occurs more under warmer conditions, i.e. summer, but keeps happening in the winter. It generally happens when the PC is left idle for a period of time, e.g. over an hour. It simply cuts out rather than booting down, bringing obvious problems.

The other problem occurs when trying to turn the PC back on, when pressing the start-up button the PC does not come back on immediately, I generally have to remove the power cord from its socket (PC side not power pack) and twist it about in the socket to bring it back on. It then starts up as though nothing has happened, and works fine until it goes off again. The PC is well ventilated so the problem should not occur.

I assume that the PC is overheating and cutting out, but do not no why, and am not sure? I have tried many power cords but the problem keeps happening, it could be something to do with the power socket in the PC, but again I am not sure. I have also looked at help software on the PC to try to find out what is happening with no joy.

Any ideas, or suggestions are very welcome!


  Belatucadrus 15:50 29 Nov 2005

First thing to do is to open the case and check that the fans are all turning and that none of the ventilation holes are bunged with the ubiquitous carpet fluff.

  tigernick 16:18 29 Nov 2005

Ok ive opened the case and there are two fans, one of which is pumping air out of the back, and the other is more in the middle and is working also. Im not sure if the one in the middle is meant to be pulling air in or pushing it out, but it doesnt seem to be doing as much as the one on the back. There doesn't seem to be anything clogging either of them up!

  €dstowe 16:26 29 Nov 2005

The fan in the middle will be attached to a heatsink which will have lots of fins on it. These fins tend to collect a layer of fine dust which acts like an overcoat and prevents heat dissipation.

It may be advisable to carefully clean as much dust and grime from the inside of your machine as possible - not only on the heatsink but on the case fan as well. Use a brush to do this, preferably a natural bristle one. An old fashioned wood and bristle pastry brush is ideal. Avoid nylon bristled brushes and ones with metal fittings.

  wee eddie 16:28 29 Nov 2005

Have you checked the filters and cleaned the blades.

Also, borrow one of those ladies hair dryers > turn the heat off > put its directional nozzle on > and blow cold air all over the place > particularly the fins over the CPU.

Have you investigated the fan within your Power Supply.

Remember that: Cleanliness in next to Godliness.

  alnwrd 16:42 29 Nov 2005

I had exactly these problems of random power off. I fixed it by installing a new power supply even though the old one was comparitively new.

No more problems. Could you install another power supply to check?

  tigernick 16:46 29 Nov 2005

Thanks for responses, Il try to clean the fans and then leave it on to see if it goes off! I think the power supply may be part of the problem also, if the cleaning doesn't fix it then il try that. How much did you pay for a new power supply??

  alnwrd 15:06 30 Nov 2005

After buying the first one on the net when I built the machine, and after suffering on off problems for a while, I just went to my local pc world where if an item goes wrong at least you can take it back.

Check out their web site for prices - £30 upwards depending on wattage and brand

Best of luck

  tigernick 17:01 30 Nov 2005

Thanx for responses, Computer has been on for a while without switching off where it normally would have, looks like the cleaning worked (touch wood!)

  annieogier1987 22:25 08 Aug 2011

My brother is using my new power supply coz he wanted 2 test his power supply in my PC, his PC kept switching off by itself I've had his power supply in my PC there hasn't been any problems until recently my PC has bin switching itself off I checked al the fans there was a lot of dust where the power supply was I got rid of the dust , it was fine for a few weeks till it done it again earlier there wasn't any dust in the fans nor at the back of the PC either it seems to be ok at the moment. I have even switched off automatically restart on System on control panel advanced and system failure , so I hope it doesn't do it anymore. I will be telling my brother about it and I will look to get another power supply because it is getting really annoying now I can see why he got annoyed now, everytime he was on Youtube or watching Man Utd on the net it kept cutting out. I was on Youtube earlier and my PC just switched itself off, stupid thing well I just hope the prob;em is sorted. I did check PC health on BIOS it was 37 oC and the other one was 27 oC i don't think the temperature is that high, I have cleaned out the fans with a brush as I said already. Fingers crossed i won't have anymore problems with it, I did have problems in the past and the power supply went and I had to buy a new one I've not bin able to use my new one yet coz my brother's borrowed it, well It won't be a big deal if I buy another one least It'd fix my problems.

  birdface 23:26 08 Aug 2011


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