PC turned off!

  SlayerKita 11:20 08 Jun 2014

Good day,

Today, while i was playing PC it simply turned off, has if someone had removed the energy cable , the strangest thing was, that when i went to turn it on again, it didn't, had to wait like 2 minutes before it could be turned on again, any idea what it might be?

Thank you


Asus M5A78L LE AMD Radeon HD 6870 AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 955 G Skill RipjawsX F3-12800CL9-2GB

NOX Urano 630w

  rdave13 11:23 08 Jun 2014

Sounds as it is overheating and shuts off to prevent damage. Check within the case for build up of dust. Take the usual precautions of removing any power source first.

  SlayerKita 11:25 08 Jun 2014

I've had it cleaned up just that week, anyway to prevent this from happening?

  rdave13 11:29 08 Jun 2014

Then it could be a bad connection somewhere, check the sata connections for your drive/s etc.

  SlayerKita 11:32 08 Jun 2014

Thank you, will do that.

  bumpkin 12:49 08 Jun 2014

Has it just done this once? Do you know if the heatsink has been cleaned.

  SlayerKita 13:44 08 Jun 2014

Yes, bumpkin, it has only happened once so far. The heatsink had been cleaned aswell

  wee eddie 14:35 08 Jun 2014

could be that the connection between the Heat-sink and the Processor has been damaged during the cleaning. It could need reseating with the old cleaned off and something like Arctic Silver between the two.

  bumpkin 15:37 08 Jun 2014

Something may have tripped the overload on the PSU as it took a few minutes to restart. Were you plugging or unplugging anything at the time, USB for example.

  bumpkin 17:12 08 Jun 2014

If it was a one off occurrence then don't worry, mine have shut down on occasions for no apparent reason.

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