pc transfer

  yorkieman 13:14 29 Jan 2007

any advise please/ i am about to buy a laptop off a friend which i supose will be formatted. what is the easiest way to transfer everthing from my pc?i have a lot of stuff on my ext harddrive so thats no problem but i dont want to loose my programmes just want to shift everything en block bit new to this so go easy please

  ArrGee 13:17 29 Jan 2007

Probably easiest solution would be to move everything from the external drive to the laptop, erase the external and shift more data from the PC onto it, repeating the process until you have all your documents and application set-up files.

  Diemmess 13:26 29 Jan 2007

If your"new" laptop has been formatted you will have to install from scratch.

Windows doesn't copy to a different computer, and each application has to be installed so that the OS integrates with it.

Your data in whatever form can be copied without snags and via an external HD is probably the best way to do it.

It is certainly worth making a DVD or two of the existing PC so that you can look back in a few months time to find the thing you didn't copy originally!

  keef66 13:35 29 Jan 2007

1. If the copy of Windows on your old pc is an OEM version, you cannot now install it on the laptop, even if the old pc is to be scrapped. You'd need to buy another copy of Windows.

2. You cannot copy programmes from one pc to another; they will have to be reinstalled on the new pc

(the only exception to this is if you replace a hard drive and no other components in a pc, you can clone the contents of the old HDD onto the new one)

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