PC tower ventilation fans

  wotbus@ 16:25 29 Jun 2009

I want to fit a fan to the bottom/front of an ATX tower. Does it suck or blow :-)

  Technotiger 16:26 29 Jun 2009

Blow in at the front - Out at the back!

  Technotiger 16:28 29 Jun 2009

Sorry, just read my own response - Suck in at the Front - Blow out at the Back.

  wotbus@ 16:28 29 Jun 2009

Thanks Technotiger. That's IN to the case?

  wotbus@ 16:29 29 Jun 2009

OK, cheers. TVM ;-)

  wotbus@ 16:46 29 Jun 2009

Sorry about this: And the fan on the rear of the case - sucks OUT of the tower?

  OTT_Buzzard 16:48 29 Jun 2009

sucks OUT of the tower?

The idea is to draw cold air in from the front and blow hot air out from the back....

  wotbus@ 16:54 29 Jun 2009

OK thanks. The huge fan on the PX unit (facing down to the bottom of the tower), presumablly that takes cold from outside - through the unit and in to the tower where it's sucked out by the front/rear case fans?

  wotbus@ 16:56 29 Jun 2009

Sorry - sucked out by the rear fan....duhhh.

  DieSse 20:01 29 Jun 2009

The fan on the PSU (if that's what you meant) sucks air from inside the tower and blows it out through the PSU.

If you fit a fan to the bottom of an ATX case it should suck from the outside (ie blow into the case).

Intels suggested design for ATX case shows such fans - the idea is to blow the hot air away from pooling under the graphics card.

  DieSse 20:02 29 Jun 2009

PX unit = PSU ????

At the bottom of the case?? - that's unusual.

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