is this pc too old for the dvd?

  mco 18:30 28 Apr 2006

Hi. Sorry if this is ignorant question but here goes: have got an old computer with windows 2000(not my only pc btw!) on which I tried to install the Food Force game from this month's PCA DVD. It said something about not supporting fat 32 - does that mean this pc will not play the game and there's no way round it? ( I want it for a classroom and there is no internet connection) If I downloaded the game from the foodforce game site (onto a cd obviously) and then tried to load it into this old pc - would it work then, or would I still get the same message? Is it a lost cause?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:03 28 Apr 2006

[quote]something about not supporting fat 32[/quote]

Seems strange - FAT32 is the file system and I'd have though that NTFS would not be supported if that were the case.

You could try to download to CD and see if the install will then run.

  mco 19:32 28 Apr 2006

thanks - although it does say it takes up to an hour to download even with broadband connection!

  Diodorus Siculus 00:00 29 Apr 2006

If it is on the DVD, copy the install program from DVD to CD.

  mco 00:49 29 Apr 2006

will try that- although not sure how I can do it, as when I've tried this game on my more up to date XP pro pc, and I click install, it just plays automatically - I can't work out how to actually save it anywhere let alone ready to copy onto a cd.

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