PC is TOO LOUD! Help?!

  Muckleface 00:28 30 May 2003


I have recently built a PC around an AMD Athlon 2700xp+.

Had a few teething problems but it all seems to be running fine now :)

But its TOO loud.

I have FOUR cheap case fans, the CPU Heatsink which runs at 5192rpm, the PSU and also a tiny fan on the onboard gfx chip.

I want to leave my system on overnight so it HAS to be as queit as possible.

I dont want to get into water cooling, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend the queitest case fans and heatsinks on the market?

I have a slightly compulsive obsession with cooling too, so the higher the RPM the better!


  Zaxifone 00:31 30 May 2003

Try this site... click here

I have the Zalman Flower. My CPU (XP2400) sits at a constant 31....superb...


  The Sack 00:49 30 May 2003

this click here cost 9 quid from these click here

Case fans click here are good

click here will also improve stability and air flow whilst letting you keep your sanity

  woodchip 00:56 30 May 2003

Why have you put the extra fans in it should not need them if you have a reasonable size case? Sometimes when Extra fans are put in they alter the air flow and cause problems.

  STEVE71163 08:20 30 May 2003

I tried fitting another front case fan earlier this week and found it made no difference to temperatures. Do you really need 4 case fans as these would add to the noise? and as woodchip says altering the airflow can cause problems. I have found a decent heatsink and fan and a exhaust fan at the back taking out the hot air away from the cpu is all that is needed.

  vaughan007 08:52 30 May 2003

Throw the four case fans away and your PC will be as quiet as a sleeping baby, awww. I really cant see why you need more than the standard set of fans in every PC.

  Rayuk 13:48 30 May 2003

The cpu fan is your biggest problem,but it depends on how much you have to spend.

An Thermalright SLK800 with an 80mm fan runs at slower rpms less noise.[but regarded as one of the best coolers available]
But they arent cheap £45 plus the cost of a fan

You can unplug your case fans while running say Motherboard monitor and see if the temps go up without them,if temp goes up plug 1 intake and 1 exhaust back in see if that does the trick

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