PC temperatures and fans ...

  Heefie 22:56 30 Jun 2004

Hi there, I've found plenty of seemingly relevant threads on this kind of subject, so apologies for posting another, but there are hundreds of them to read through !!!

Basically, my PC has been shutting down when I put the side back on it ... I ran a Utility I got with the (Chaintech Zenith 7NJS) M/B, DigiDoc, and it was telling me that the CPU was running at about 85 degrees, the system at about 45 degrees (both Celcius !!!) ... when I put the side on, it crept up & when it hit 95 degrees (BIOS limit was set at 100) it shut down ...

I gave it a good hoover g> & paid special attention to the the CPU fan, bloody hell, was it dusty !!!

It's now running OK, but still at 70 degrees, with the system at 51 degrees, it seems hot compared to a lot of the other posts I've read ... my processor is an AMD Athlon XP 2.4 ...

Now, I have 2 or 3 questions ...

Firstly, is this too hot, I have not got this overclocked, it was running "aggressive", it's now running "optimal" ... but has been cleaned as well ? I intend buying a can of that compressed air as I think this will work a lot better than my crap hoover !!!

Secondly, the fan and the processor came together ... is this normal or can I (should I !!!) buy a "better" fan ?!? If so, what ?!?

Thirdly, there is an option on the DigiDoc utility for Fan2, right next to the "System" temperature, this says RPM is 0 (RPM on the CPU fan is over 4200) ... should I have a second fan running in here & not just the one over the CPU or is this an optional thing ?!?!?

Thanks in advance to anybody that understands this kind of thing ... which quite obviously isn't me !!!


OK, Gaz, couple of things. The fan you got with your CPU was presumably 'bundled', which means it was any old fan that would fit a Socket A mobo and on paper ought to cope with chips up to the nominal speed.... Ha. It's all about power, heat and airflow. You may need to change the CPU fan, but not yet.... Since you are OK (if rather warm) with the side panel off, and overheating with it on, then something is not right with the airflow inside the case. There is at least one socket and often two for case fans on your motherboard (or some fans power off PSU power leads); think about installing one at the front (often mounted under the floppy) blowing in, and one at the back, blowing out (Yes, we've all put them the wrong way round before, so if you can't tell from looking at it, see which way the air goes). This should help airflow and internal cooling. Also check that any vacant PCI slots have closers in (don't leave holes). You should also check the power supply - if this is running hot, it will make everything else run hot, and hot is a sign of approaching failure with PSUs. If you still have a problem, then upgrade the CPU fan.

  woodchip 23:43 30 Jun 2004

As above you need a better CPU cooler you should not need extra case fans as these can make problems worse if not correctly fitted i.e. fitted in wrong place in Case

  Heefie 23:45 30 Jun 2004

Leezer ... hopefully the PSU is fine, it's about 5 or 6 weeks old, mind you, the one it replaced only lasted 2 weeks !!!

The M/B has connectors for 4 fans, CPU, System, Case & North Bridge (whatever that may be !) ... I assume from your post that these are all accessories I should buy and did NOT come in the case or with the M/B ... quell supris !!!

All possible holes are closed, and we've got rid of the dog ... coincidentally, we didn't blame him for all the dust <g> !!!

Is there any particular make or type I should look for or avoid ?!?

  woodchip 23:57 30 Jun 2004

I have a CoolerMaster on a XP 1600+ that I have run at 1900+ for two weeks without a hitch, just to see what it would do tems about CPU 39c System 29c

  Night Ryder 23:59 30 Jun 2004

If this is any help to you, I have the same processor. I changed the precessor fan for a coolermaster fan at a cost of around £15 and I fitted a system fan to the rear of the case, cost around £5 and my system runs at around 53 degrees for both cpu and system. The system actualy increases temperature when the side pannel is removed. With the fan on the rear of the case the case becomes an intregal part of the cooling system with airflow being channeled from front to back over the graphics card and past the cpu. It's also very important to clear not only the cpu fan but all the vents in the case. Front rear and sides. If I am playing a graphicaly intence game the temperature now only reaches 57 degrees which is quite a safe limit.

  Totally-braindead 00:06 01 Jul 2004

The best way of providing cooling is with one fan at the front down at the bottom of the case sucking the air in and one fan at the rear higher up blowing the air out of the case. This is so you've got an airflow running across the processor, that is diagonally across the motherboard. If you install more than one fan you make sure they are running the same way, air in at the front and out the back.

  Heefie 08:58 01 Jul 2004

OK, sounds like I can do a bit to improve things hers, thanks for this advice, as soon as I get paid I'll be buying some new fans <s> !!!

Thanks again to you all ...


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