PC temperatures.

  Meshuga 06:55 07 Jul 2004

I frequently see queries on this forum about someones cpu temperatures. How are these measured, is there a built in thermometer that I dont know about . I`m on WinXP home.

  georgemac 07:37 07 Jul 2004

yes, most motherboards now have temperature sensors fitted, always one on the cpu, and others in diffenet locations.

Asus provide a software monitoring utility with theri boards, asus probe.

I have an asus, so use probe, but before that I used to use motherboard monitor click here it now looks like development has stopped but it is still available for download.

CPU temperature will increase as the load increase - will get hottest playing games - and athlons are supposed to be able to go to 85 to 95 degC depending which chip you have, but I would be concerned if I was above 65 degC.

  Djohn 07:51 07 Jul 2004

Boot your PC and tap away at the Del key at the same time. This will take you to the BIOS screen. From the menu you see, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down the menu, highlight "Health status" or similar then press the enter key. This will show you the system temperature of your PC and CPU.

To exit, press on the Esc key then the Y key and click on enter again, this will allow your PC to carry on and boot into windows.

You can have a look at all the items in the BIOS while there by highlighting each one in turn pressing the enter key to look then the Esc key to come back out again.

When you have finished looking, pres the Esc key again, a message will come on screen saying, quit without saving changes, Y or N click on the Y key then the enter key to load windows as normal. j.

  ardvarc 08:02 07 Jul 2004

If it is your MSI MoBo is there a utility on the MoBo CD for system temps and voltages. On mine it was PC Alert 3, updated online to PC Alert 4. Very accurate too.

  Meshuga 08:49 07 Jul 2004

Many thanks to all who replied. You learn something every day. My mobo is a Leadtek. I`ll check it out. Regards, Meshuga.

  georgemac 09:11 07 Jul 2004

the only problem with checking the temperatures in the bios is that there will be no load on the cpu at that stage. When the cpu is fully loaded you can typically add 5 degC to the idle temperature - I am sure you are already aware of this - just to make others aware too.

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