PC temperature - 73 C

  kchakrak 10:22 14 Jan 2003
  kchakrak 10:22 14 Jan 2003

How much could i lower the temperature if i jus remove the dust from the fan.

my processor is a 1600+ Athlon XP

i want to lower the temp to about 40 - 50C any suggestions???

  Weeby Vuit 10:24 14 Jan 2003

get a case fan

  goonerbill 10:41 14 Jan 2003

add case fan, extraction fan and good heatsink/fan (all copper would be best). have 2000+ overclocked to 2200+ running at 46c with above configaration.

  fsssh 10:42 14 Jan 2003

not sure that removing dust would drop the temp that much! depends how dusty it is i suppose! it sounds stupid but i hoovered out my pc and dropped the temp by 5 or 6 degrees, as it was insulating the motherboard and blocking the case fan exhaust. if your pc is quite old or just very dusty you could also try taking the fans apart and cleaning the spindle/bearings (depending on how much you can pull it apart before you can't put it back together again!). they seem to act a bit like candy floss machines and whip up dust into a clump which can slow the fan down considerably and so increase the temp in your case. This can be especially important on your CPU fan.

  fsssh 10:46 14 Jan 2003

oh and if your really desperate, just leave the sides off your case and have a desk fan blow through it. seriously!

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