PC temperature

  bob308w 07:50 12 Oct 2006

My PC keeps freezing, I had this problem in the summer on very hot days. How do I find the temperature that my PC is running at, and what is a normal running temp? i.e. what temp will cause problems?

  Jackcoms 08:57 12 Oct 2006

It may be nothing to do with the temperatures.

When did you last clean away all the crap files? Use click here to do that.

When did you last defrag?

To find out some internal temperatures use click here

When installed look under Computer/Sensor. It will depend on where your PC's sensor are located as to which components will be reported.

Normal running temp? Difficult to say, but anything up to about two and a half times ambient temp should be OK.

You might also want to open the case up and clean away any dirt/fluff which may be clogging up your cooling fans.

  bob308w 09:31 12 Oct 2006

Thanks for your reply;
Done crap cleaner and a couple of others.
Done a defrag.
Done the dirt and fluff on the outside vents.
Looking for another reason for the problem, just guessing that it may be temp related as this happened on hot days in the summer. I'll open the box later and have a look.

  sean-278262 16:17 12 Oct 2006

It might be temp problems and likely is that. However it is best fixed by cleaning the innards of the pc and removing gunk from fans. Get some compressed air and spray all over.

  it_girl 18:08 12 Oct 2006

When it freezes ,restart and go straight into the Bios.In here you can find out who hot the cpu has reached etc.
If it is getting too hot you can change the settings and enable a warning sound.
Don't overlook the memory so run a memtest.If you have a fan on the graphics card then check that it is spinning freely.

On a hot day(bit late in the season now) run with case side panel off and wait!As the guys have already said ,it could be sofware related.

Have you got the latest Bios update installed?

  Totally-braindead 21:56 12 Oct 2006

Two things, only update the BIOS if you have to, if it goes wrong or you use the wrong BIOS update you can seriously mess up your computer. The second thing is running the PC with the case sides off can make it run hotter. I know this may sound a bit strange but the design of a PC case is to allow cool air to flow over the components taking the heat away and expelling it out the back. Removing the sides can disrupt the air flow and make the machine actually run hotter.

  it_girl 22:17 12 Oct 2006


  bluto1 22:43 12 Oct 2006

Absolutely correct.

  Ashrich 22:43 12 Oct 2006

If by saying " totally nonesense " it_girl , you mean that running the PC without the side can raise temperatures , then you are wrong I'm afraid , my Athlon 64 4200x2 with the side panel on idles at 30c , with the side panel off it raises to 34/35c , indicating poor airflow across key components , the inside air just goes everywhere and is not drawn in the right direction .


  Totally-braindead 23:28 12 Oct 2006

I'm afraid it_girl you are wrong.

  bob308w 08:49 13 Oct 2006

for the assistance, had the sides off, blew the dust out, and she has been running trouble free for the last 18 hours, looks like a successful job. I must agree with Totally-braindead and Ashrich regarding airflow over components, PC's will run hotter with the sides off for the reason that they have given.

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