PC telling me CPU different to the one I purchased

  aca 23:35 23 Jan 2008

Just purchased an Athlon XP 2400+ from e-bay for a (very) budget pc self build.

All gone together well. However both Windows and system utilities are reporting the CPU to be a an
Athlon XP 1800+, obviously running slower.

I have e-mailed the seller but wanted to be on sure technical ground, is there any way that I would be getting the CPU falsely being reported.

Unlikely but wanted to check.


  brundle 23:42 23 Jan 2008

The actual clock speed of Athlons of that ilk differs from the rated performance. Get CPU-Z and carefully check the CPU ID - click here

Athlon 2400 info here; click here

  cream. 23:42 23 Jan 2008

have you set it to the correct fsb.

Make and model of motherboard?

code number on top of cpu?

  brundle 23:42 23 Jan 2008

The memory speed/frequency is also a factor.

  DieSse 23:43 23 Jan 2008

What does it actually say on the processor itself - AMD print on them what they are - so selling you the wrong one would be pretty obvious.

The reason it's showing as slower than it should may be that you've got the BIOS settings incorrect (or jumpers in some boards maybe).

Here shows others with similar problems, and what the correct settings should be.

In an extreme case it may be the motherboard can't handle the higher clock settings, or needs a BIOS flash to do so. You may already know the answer to that.

  DieSse 23:44 23 Jan 2008

click here - the missing link


  Hayrick 23:48 23 Jan 2008

I had this problem when i reistalled Xp on my Mesh with an Athlon 2400. Advice from the helproom was and I quote.
1. Enter the Bios
2. Choose ADVANCED
4. Ensure that the EXTERNAL FREQUENCY is 133
5. Change if necessary to this figure
6. Press F10 to save
7. Reboot
This solved my problem

  aca 00:15 24 Jan 2008

Thanks for all the advice.

Y, the FSB was set to 100 rather than 133, corrected and now all ok.

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