PC takes an hour to work properly

  Nightmanager 08:05 15 Sep 2007

I have an Asus crossfire motherboard with two Radeon X1300 crossfire graphics cards installed, an AMD dual core processor 3800 and 2Gb memory. I loaded on Windows Vista and noticed that the computer was running less than snails pace. I put a brand new hard drive in and a 650W power supply which achieved nothing. I sent the board, CPU and DDR2 Ram back to the supplier for testing and all worked OK and at the correct speed back at CCL. If I start my PC and leave it for just over an hour, it goes into sleep mode and starting it up from sleep mode cures the problem in as much as the computers works realy fast and stable, but if I shut it down I have to wait for it to go to sleep to get a usable PC again. Has anyone had similar problems and can anyone help?

Regards Greg

  jack 08:15 15 Sep 2007

The main reason for a slow start up is the machine is doing too much-
Think about it- all the programs that you are not going to use straight away.- Take them out of the start group.
The A/V program and firewall and ad blocker etc., updating them selves.

So- go to Start and on the left side you will all the programs that are initiated at start up- Do you need them then?
If not right click on the icon and left click on 'Remove from Group'
Now download CCleaner[free] to clean up the system.
Then do a defrag.

Take a look at the software list.
We all install stuff for a look see and forget to remove it afterwards -
If you have promgrams loaded you no longer use- take 'em out.
Come back tell us how you got on

  User-1159794 08:37 15 Sep 2007

You can use this click here and remove the green ticks from the programs that do not need to start on boot up.

I have nothing more than a couple of security programs.

Most software you install seems to think that it needs to start right away,9 times out of 10 it doesn't.

  birdface 08:46 15 Sep 2007

Try this speed test to make sure that you are getting the proper download speed from your Isp. click here

  birdface 08:54 15 Sep 2007

Right click Taskbar.Taskmanager,Processes. Under CPU System Idle Process should be showing about 97% All the rest about 3% between them.Is there any other programs taking up a high percentage of the Psu.

  g0slp 08:58 15 Sep 2007


  Nightmanager 12:40 15 Sep 2007

In the taskmanager the idle process is correct at 97% to 99% and there are just a couple of other programs using 1% or 2%, nothing that should slow the PC. Tasks like closing a menu that has already taken half my life to open takes as long to close instead of the micro second that it should take. I had already tried turning everything off at startup, especially Microsoft updates, but nothing seemed to make any difference. The problem has been with me with a clean install of Vista onto a brand new formatted hard drive aswell as a spare hard drive. Is all the software that people leave on this site for download, checked and free from viruses?

Regards Greg

  Nightmanager 13:14 15 Sep 2007

I have tried the start-up inspector program and it showed 5 programs at start up 2 of these I have installed after the initial problems started, the other three are some of the ones I had already disabled to no effect.

  brundle 13:34 15 Sep 2007

Are things just as slow in Safe Mode? What antivirus software do you use? How do you access the 'net, modem/router/wireless? Are things quicker when you disconnect from the net and/or other networked machines if you have any?

  birdface 13:49 15 Sep 2007

Probably are all free from Virus's.But to be safe download any Spyware or other programs to your desktop or My Documents and do not run them,When you want to run them Just right click them and check them out with your Anti-virus program,If all is Ok just run them.Now I dont know if this works on Vita so have a look.Control Panel.Administrative tools.Services.Scroll down to you get to DNS Client and make sure it is set to Automatic.And try this,Device Manager,Ide controllers. double click on Primary IDE Chanel.Advanced settings.And make sure it is set to DMA and Not PIO It should show DMA Mode 5.

  wee eddie 14:05 15 Sep 2007

installed twice on the machine?

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