Pc take s 10 mins to boot up?

  nora123 08:27 31 Jul 2007

Recently my pc started running incredibly slow. The boot up time is now 10 mins and the shutdown time 5 mins. Running firefox or IE explorer just after the pc has booted takes up to 3 mins to open, and even opening a folder takes about 30 seconds. I noticed that my pc started taking ages to shut down about a month ago and now the boot up has been affected. I have looked at various forums to try and resolve this and have tried the following:

Run ad-aware, spybot, AVG antivirus, I’ve cleaned the registry and have got minimal programs opening on start up.
None of these have made any difference.

One of the forums suggested running hijack software but I’m not sure what I can delete. I’ve attached the log file. It appears that some sort of malware can cause this slow down but nothingg I’ve ran can pick it up. Can anyone

Hijack log

  rawprawn 08:34 31 Jul 2007

Hi, you actually haven't attached the HJT Log, but I suggest that you go to this site
click here where they specialise in your kind of problem.

  Technotiger 08:44 31 Jul 2007

Have a look at your Processes, see if one of them is hogging the CPU - probably 99%. If so, then stop that process, probably it will be Adobe Reader update! In my case I actually uninstalled Adobe Reader in order to get rid of the Process which was slowing everything down.

Press Ctrl/Alt/Del on your keyboard and then click on the Processes tab, then you can scroll down and see if any are at or about 99% - this would be the culprit.

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