PC switching off by itself

  annieogier1987 01:14 09 Aug 2011

My brother is using my new power supply coz he wanted 2 test his power supply in my PC, his PC kept switching off by itself I've had his power supply in my PC there hasn't been any problems until recently my PC has bin switching itself off I checked al the fans there was a lot of dust where the power supply was I got rid of the dust , it was fine for a few weeks till it done it again earlier there wasn't any dust in the fans nor at the back of the PC either it seems to be ok at the moment. I have even switched off automatically restart on System on control panel advanced and system failure , so I hope it doesn't do it anymore. I will be telling my brother about it and I will look to get another power supply because it is getting really annoying now I can see why he got annoyed now, everytime he was on Youtube or watching Man Utd on the net it kept cutting out. I was on Youtube earlier and my PC just switched itself off, stupid thing well I just hope the prob;em is sorted. I did check PC health on BIOS it was 37 oC and the other one was 27 oC i don't think the temperature is that high, I have cleaned out the fans with a brush as I said already. Fingers crossed i won't have anymore problems with it, I did have problems in the past and the power supply went and I had to buy a new one I've not bin able to use my new one yet coz my brother's borrowed it, well It won't be a big deal if I buy another one least It'd fix my problems.

  onthelimit1 08:45 09 Aug 2011

And your question is?????

  lotvic 13:19 09 Aug 2011

Presumably the problem is your PC switching off by itself because the power supply unit is faulty

Take out faulty power supply unit

Fit new power supply unit

That should fix it

  spuds 14:44 09 Aug 2011

Make sure that the replacement psu is the same or higher specifications to what was original. Seems pointless to me, when you can perhaps buy a 500w for the same price that you would buy a 350w for, if you shop around.

Some people tend to install other items, especially if they are gaming, then forget that extra power is required, and their psu is beginning to struggle.

There are some simple to use but good psu testing devices on eBay, that can be purchased for less than £3.00 delivered. The only problem is the 'upto' 14 days waiting for the item to arrive.

  annieogier1987 18:47 10 Aug 2011

Well My question is what can be done to solve the problem?

I have cleaned it out, it cut out when I first went into windows well it didn't actually go into my desktop..I had to turn the switch at the back of my PC off from the power coz when it cuts out my screen button flashes red and coz I've got my PC up and running the light is blue, I've got a flat screen monitor you see..Anyway i know the monitor has got nothing to do with the power switching off randomly..I tried again but it did the same thing again when It was about to go into my desktop, it's ok at the moment I did clean some dust up well I think it's overheating even though there's no dust there since I cleaned it out twice..

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